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    You’re probably busy sifting through the number of artificial intelligence (AI) stocks that seem to be dominating every “stocks to buy” list this year. The introduction of ChatGPT started a trend that cannot be ignored. Everyone is thinking and talking about AI these days, from investment clubs to workplace water heaters.

    But what if you could kill two birds with one stone?Let’s not forget metaverse, a notable game changer from yesteryear, has faded into obscurity in the AI-obsessed world of 2023. After all, the worlds of AI and the metaverse often collide, providing a one-two punch of investment opportunities. For some outstanding companies, the Metaverse is not just a side hustle, but a core part of their long-term business plans, dovetailing nicely with the headline-grabbing AI ventures.

    I don’t condone hitting actual birds with stones, but I can help you find some great stocks that are flying under the radar as Metaverse Ambitions focuses on AI today. . And the names at the top of that list are tech giants who are deeply involved in the AI ​​industry and surprisingly deeply connected to the virtual world. Metaverse concept.

    A window to the digital world

    what i’m talking about is microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)Of course, the creator of Clippy. Clippy is the once-annoying, now-familiar paperclip that “helps” you format your Word documents, whether you want it or not. Now, the same company is becoming a major player in both fields. artificial intelligence And the metaverse. They grow very quickly, don’t they?

    Microsoft has been quietly seeding the Metaverse cloud with its HoloLens virtual reality technology. Think of HoloLens as goggles that can blend the real world with holograms. We’re not talking about catching Pokemon in your living room. We’re talking about an engineer virtually walking around his 3D model of a jet engine to find design flaws. This is serious metaverse business, folks.

    You may be thinking, “That’s all well and good, but what’s the point?”Now let’s talk about Microsoft’s recent $69 billion acquisition Activision Blizzard. This isn’t just about getting it. call of duty or world of warcraft game franchise. The acquisition also sets the stage for Microsoft to leverage Activision’s gaming community and creative firepower to build a vast metaverse. Suddenly, Microsoft isn’t just in the game. It’s designing an entire playground for the digital cast to live in. crash bandicoot and skylanders — Not to mention Microsoft’s own Mine Craft, Helloand gears of war title.

    Please try to imagine world of warcraftStyle adventures or virtual business meetings you can join via HoloLens call of duty setting. Microsoft will definitely get in there and expand HoloLens beyond its current focus on business services and bring it to consumers at scale. In my opinion, this may have been the main reason why Microsoft fought so hard to get the expensive Activision deal.

    Microsoft: A great metaverse investment that also has AI capabilities

    So when you consider Microsoft as a potential investment, you’re not just buying into a tech giant with a strong foundation. You are investing in a company that is serious about building and owning a significant part of the metaverse. Of course, you’ll find plenty of AI-powered features and experiences in Microsoft’s virtual world. But in the long term, AI could very well become the main dish of Microsoft’s metaverse.

    Microsoft is laying the virtual bricks of a very impressive digital kingdom. So even if I’m not very impressed, Microsoft’s collaboration-based AI journey, you may want to own shares for the prospects of the future Metaverse. It’s not cheap, but when you combine the benefits of AI and the Metaverse, we think it’s worth every penny.

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