10 Jobs That Only Exist in the Metaverse

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    The metaverse is a controversial concept, but it has already been adopted by many industries. With so many metaverse-based platforms emerging, employees need to fill specific roles. But what kind of jobs can and do exist only in the metaverse?

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    A number of metaverse events have already occurred. Auctions, concerts, stand-up shows, and more. Events are an important part of many metaverse platforms, so you need someone to schedule and organize them. Enter the metaverse event manager.

    The Metaverse Event Manager is responsible for securing a metaverse location for the event and pre-surveying the location. Event managers also need to coordinate attendance, entertainment, admission fees, and other factors to ensure the virtual event runs as smoothly as possible. Event managers may even recruit other virtual parties to help with security, technical aspects, and more.

    Metaverse Event Managers already exist, but as the metaverse grows in popularity, this profession may become more widely known.

    doctor with visor glasses in scrubs holding stethoscope

    Who would have thought that one day we would be able to access healthcare in the Metaverse? Well, this could soon become a reality.

    Accessing physical medications and treatments within the Metaverse is apparently not possible, but this does not mean that accessing advice and support is out of the question. Today’s technology makes it possible to monitor many physical indicators from home. By connecting this data to your avatar, the Metaverse Doctor can assess your health, make recommendations, and even schedule physical appointments for further assistance.

    The Metaverse Doctor is still a conceptual entity, but the role could have serious uses in the near future.

    Image of virtual modern city skyline
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    Without the metaverse architect, there wouldn’t be much to see in this virtual world. The Metaverse is not just made up of virtual avatars. For the metaverse to be of value, cafes, clubs, offices, concert halls, shops, and other buildings must also exist in the metaverse. And if you want a building, an architect comes into play.

    Of course, building virtual structures is very different from building physical structures. Gravity, weather, and material degradation are not factors that metaverse architects need to consider. But creating 3D models that avatars can interact with is a priority for metaverse architects. Solving bugs and designing the exterior and interior also rests on the metaverse architect.

    Graphic of a blue digital padlock

    As with any technology, the metaverse can be exploited by cybercriminals. This is why appropriate security personnel and countermeasures must be implemented to minimize the potential for metaverse-based fraud and attacks.

    Metaverse cybersecurity work may not involve virtual cybersecurity staff. Rather, this realm keeps the Metaverse platform and avatars safe. For example, metaverse-based social media outlets require a code of conduct, login parameters, and resilience against hacking or lost credentials.

    Metaverse cybersecurity staff may also have to deal with dangerous avatars who abuse, harass, or defraud other users.

    Red warning sign of a person raising his hand

    Although the Metaverse poses no immediate physical danger, safety within this realm should still be considered. This is where the Metaverse Security Officer comes into play.

    Metaverse security administrators are responsible for ensuring the physical safety of users. For example, this role might include checking whether metaverse hardware, such as VR headsets, meets safety standards.

    The virtual safety of metaverse users can be a concern not only for cybersecurity personnel, but also for safety administrators.

    city ​​woman holding a map

    The Metaverse definitely has some interesting locations. But how do you find these places and learn about them? Enter the Metaverse Tour Guide.

    Metaverse tour guides are responsible for guiding users through specific parts of the metaverse, such as buildings, monuments, and nature reserves. For example, you may want to visit virtual monuments or replicas of real-world monuments. Metaverse Tour Guides can make this easier and more fun.

    Metaverse tour guides can also show new users how to navigate this virtual world, including how to access convenient locations.

    Photo of a single-family house in the suburbs

    Virtual land within the metaverse already has value, and metaverse platforms such as Decentraland offer users the ability to purchase and build virtual assets. Also, real estate agents are usually involved when buying land.

    Metaverse real estate agents are responsible for buying and selling virtual land. This includes valuing land, finding buyers and offering sellers the best prices. Metaverse realtors may also charge a commission for their work or take a portion of the seller’s profits as payment.

    Metaverse realtors may also need to evaluate a virtual land (ie its size, content, etc.) before making a sale.

    An image of a clothes rack in a store surrounded by plants

    Each Metaverse user has their own avatar, so it’s no surprise that Metaverse stylists will one day play an important role. Just like in the real world, the clothes we choose to express ourselves have become a very important part of our lives.

    In the Metaverse, users likely also want to express themselves through fashion, and stylists can offer support in this area. For example, suggesting clothes, shopping for users, researching current fashion trends for clients, all of which could be part of Metaverse’s stylist role.

    Neon social media photo like icon in dark room

    Online influencers are already ubiquitous on social media. But the Metaverse could take this a step further by allowing influencers to represent themselves as avatars.

    Virtual influencers live in a virtual space, allowing them to interact with their fans and followers in a safer environment. Eliminating the risk of physical harm makes influencers worry less at meetups, concerts, and other public events.

    Close up shot of hostess with reservation book in restaurant

    Inside the Metaverse, you’ll need staff to pick up tickets at the entrance, direct users to the correct location, perform simple queries, and essentially make the Metaverse experience easier for attendees.

    Metaverse Stewards can be of great help here. Such personnel may form an inherent part of the Metaverse, assisting users with small everyday tasks. This could also provide a stable job for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in technology but who knows how to provide good customer service.

    As the metaverse becomes more mainstream in the next few years, many of the jobs listed above could become popular choices for those interested in technology. jobs may emerge.


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