13 predictions for the metaverse and Web3

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    I have the special privilege of learning from some of the brightest minds in the Web3 and Metaverse space, from customers to partners and beyond. Through these conversations and my own observations, I have gained some perspective on where the Web3 and Metaverse industries are headed next year.

    The rule of thumb for forecasting is that the more inputs, the better. So I diligently read all the opinions and thoughts, listened to what was important to our customers and partners, and put together predictions from different perspectives.

    Forecast for 2023

    1. Your Digital ID is Your Gateway to the Metaverse

    Web3 digital identities will become as ubiquitous as email, giving people an identity they own and control. A simple name instead of a wallet will be your onboarding point.

    2. Blockchain games are brought from the basement to the conference room

    Gaming demonstrates the power and potential of decentralized technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts, and more game companies will adopt this new technology.


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    3. Metaverse Spending Exceeds Traditional Ad Spending

    A great many companies are now beginning to realize the power of the metaverse. As a former CMO with 10+ years of experience, I expect more budgets aimed at capturing the awareness of younger generations through the metaverse.

    4. Web2 Corporate Fork

    Web2 companies are divided into those who enter boldly and those who fear. We’ve seen bold moves to Web3 by Starbucks, Nike, Prada, and IKEA. With Web3, you either participate or you don’t. I think forward-looking people will gravitate toward companies that can articulate their plans and vision for building Web3 with perfect clarity.

    5. Security and safety are key points

    This applies to both businesses and customers. With everything that happened with crypto, security becomes more important. Custody is reconsidered.

    6. Web3 disappears

    In every technology cycle, technology comes first. As it matures, it’s all about results. By the end of 2023, there will be more discussion about customer experience than Web3. People talk about Web3 without even mentioning the term.

    7. AI and Web3 become best friends

    Combining the power of AI with the security and decentralization of Web3 technology creates new value and use cases. For example, my company uses AI to brainstorm new domain names.

    8. Practicality trumps hype

    In 2022, a bear market helped shed some of the hype, but in 2023, practicality will triumph over the hype as companies with real value outperform others. I guess.

    9. Web3 Rewards Promotes Niche-Based Communities

    As the Web3 reward system grows, smaller, more focused communities will form tighter ties and will have the most influence. Web3 platforms, SDKs, reward programs/aggregators will become more robust and diverse as developers seek APIs and open source tools to build feature-rich and user-friendly Dapps.

    10. Avatars Empower the Metaverse

    Avatars will be more realistic and easier to use, enhancing the Metaverse customer experience. Eventually everyone will have their own avatar.

    11. Diversity breeds innovation

    Women, people of color, and people of diverse backgrounds will have a bigger impact in the Web3 and metaverse than in the Web2 world.

    12. CGZO and CWMO

    New titles such as Chief Gen Z Officer and Chief Wellness Metaverse Officer are emerging, each influencing the next generation to ensure people don’t spend too much time virtually. (I met two Chief Wellness Officers at the Metaverse Summit in Paris, and three of his Generation Z Chief Officers at Art Basel.)

    13. Changing Social Norms in the Metaverse

    As the metaverse grows, societal norms and best practices will develop. People are spending more time in virtual worlds and interacting with others in new ways.

    Examples of social norms include the expectation that users will respect the privacy of others by not engaging in activities that are considered inappropriate in the physical world. Users may also be expected to adhere to certain dress and appearance standards, or to follow established rules and guidelines for certain virtual environments and activities.

    Sandy Carter is SVP and Channel Chief. unstoppable domain.

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