2 Days, 3 properties, 0.01¢ earned, Atlas Earth. Honest Review 01/25/2024. | by Cosmic Gaming Writes! | Jan, 2024

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    Atlas Earth, buy virtual land and earn real rent.

    As I try to get into Metaverse Real Estate, part of me feels like this is going to end up like Shiba Inu's cryptocurrency, and another part of me feels like Facebook I think both companies will benefit if they integrate this into Oculus or fully adopt Atlas Earth.

    I say this because another company might come along and do it better. Forcing change or destruction will definitely destroy this company. Buuuuuuuuuuu! ! There is potential!

    As of this writing, I have no money invested, but I already have three income-producing properties and have just earned my first cent. Cash out is available after $5.00 USD.

    Note: The more virtual land you own, the faster you will earn income.

    I'm going to invest $50 from my next paycheck to get more land, create a weekly income report, and write a review for anyone interested in Atlas Earth 🌍.

    Honest review:

    In my experience so far, I feel like there are too many ads, but the ads will find a workaround so you don't have to sit there and watch them, but at the same time the upper limit of income increase with boost is 6~ 8 hours. , which is a minimum of 6 ads. Then there are the free Atlas Bucks that let you watch ads for 2 AB. Not bad, but 5AB makes it even more appealing to do it all day and get free property (which is what I do rn). There's also a mini-game where you spin the wheel and a diamond hunt where you can walk around. Find it.

    Atlas Earth introduces even more features. Website. It's been 2 days since I downloaded AE and I've earned 0.01 cents in rent on 3 properties. And I hope the cashout is real so I can earn more and buy more!

    We will update this review once confirmed 👌.

    ATLAS Earth offers several ways to earn extra Atlas Bucks, so optimize all features to maximize your profits. AE is also working on building a portfolio that will allow trading in stocks and cryptocurrencies (not yet active).

    Current portfolio 💲💸💲

    Build and grow your portfolio with me on Robinhood!

    coming soon!

    We invite you to buy virtual real estate on ATLAS EARTH! Get started for free and receive 2 properties. Complete the tutorial, connect your numbers and start earning rent on your virtual land! or use BFIH7B.

    Get 2 gift stocks when you sign up for Robinhood. This claim can only be made for a limited time. 🤝


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