2024 Game Development Trends: Opportunities & Challenges | by Jon Radoff | Building the Metaverse | Jan, 2024

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    Building a metaverse

    The gaming industry is going through a tumultuous time, but amidst layoffs, accelerated technology, new platforms, and changing business models, there are also great opportunities…but only if you invest wisely.

    visit: 2024 Game Development Trends: Crisis and Opportunity

    Here's what we covered in recent Substack articles:

    📈 Revenues will decrease while costs will increase. This is why layoffs are occurring. But what can teams do to survive next year?
    🎮 “This game is fun, bro” — the gulf between the mainstream gaming market and what vocal groups on social media claim. The importance of a great game.
    😎 What spatial computing brings to games and what it doesn't
    🤖 The disruptive impact of creator-driven platforms like Roblox
    🍎 The long-term impact of Apple's adversity on developers
    💰 Web Renaissance — What will happen with WebGPUs, the relative disadvantages of native mobile marketing and other innovations?
    🕹 Cracks in the 3D engine market — developers willing to switch engines
    🎮 Next-gen rendering pipelines (Unreal 5 innovations, Gaussian Splats, etc.) and what they mean for developers in the short to medium term
    💻 Strengths of PC gaming
    👩‍🔧 Increased UGC in PC games
    ⚔ The importance of IP and how it is transitioning to game-first IP
    🤖 How generative AI impacts both production and in-game experiences
    The importance of decentralized AI
    💰 Current state of open economy (blockchain and other) games
    📈 Rising Live Operating Costs — How to Increase Capital Efficiency

    For my complete coverage of these topics, please see my complete article on Metavert Meditations.


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