2PED Metaverse (2PED) is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange

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    ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands–(Newsfile Corp. – January 30, 2024) – In a significant move for cryptocurrency and mobile technology enthusiasts, LBank Exchange, the world's leading digital asset trading platform, has announced the launch of the 2PED Metaverse ( 2PED) announced its listing. LBank Exchange users can prepare for his 2PED/USDT trading pair starting at 6:00 UTC on the scheduled date.

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    2PED Metaverse (2PED) is a Metaverse RPG game on the BSC network featuring the core secret society of cryptocurrencies, leveraging the extensibility and exposure of today's blockchain while leveraging its unique strategies, modes, and exciting The visuals attract a wide range of viewers.

    Introducing 2PED Metaverse: A revolutionary RPG experience at the heart of blockchain technology

    LBank Exchange is pleased to announce the listing of 2PED Metaverse (2PED), which represents a pioneering venture in the rapidly evolving realm of blockchain-based gaming and virtual worlds. It introduces an immersive RPG built on the robust BSC network and set within the framework of a secret society. This metaverse uniquely combines elements of social media, AR, VR, and digital currency to create an inclusive online space. Its core lies in providing a bridge between the physical and virtual realms, capitalizing on the growing interest in the metaverse concept with the worldwide proliferation of virtual reality applications.

    At the heart of the 2PED metaverse is the play-and-earn game model. This not only provides fun, but also a means to earn money through gameplay. This model is particularly appealing in the current digital environment, where the inherent properties of blockchain technology, such as scalability and exposure, naturally attract a large gaming audience. The game boasts unique strategies and modes complemented by visually striking elements within the network, catering to a diverse player base. Using NFTs on Binance Smart Chain ensures seamless and affordable transactions, improving the user experience.

    On the financial side, the 2PED metaverse represents a significant shift from traditional centralized financial systems to a decentralized model. This transition emphasizes transparency, security, and increased user control over financial interactions. Governance of the platform will be managed by his DAO, giving community members a say in its future direction. Additionally, Metaverse integrates various staking pools with different APYs and maturity periods, facilitating attractive passive income opportunities for users.

    2PED Metaverse's roadmap outlines a clear trajectory for growth and expansion. From the early stages of website launch and community building to later stages including mobile app development and marketplace establishment, the platform is strategically poised to make a major impact in the virtual world space. The project's ambitions extend beyond gaming, aiming to revolutionize blockchain integration in digital entertainment and create a sustainable ecosystem that provides entertainment, learning and earning opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. With its innovative approach and comprehensive design, 2PED Metaverse will play an important role in the future of Metaverse and blockchain gaming.

    About 2PED token

    2PED token is the native cryptocurrency of 2PED Metaverse, an innovative blockchain-based gaming and virtual world platform. Built on BSC, this token plays a key role within the ecosystem and provides multiple functions such as in-game transactions, staking, and buying or selling game assets. As an integral part of the economy of the 2PED Metaverse, 2PED tokens will give users access to the platform's diverse services, from the Play-to-Ear gaming model to exclusive access to digital content and participation in governance through the DAO. You will be able to fully participate. The token's design aligns with Metaverse's vision to provide users with a seamless, immersive experience and foster dynamic, interactive virtual communities.

    Based on BEP20, the total supply of 2PED is 6 billion (or 6,000,000,000). The distribution of 2PED tokens will be allocated as follows: 40% to Staking and De-Fi, 30% to Ecosystem and Platform, 10% to Incentives, 5% each to Liquidity and Partnerships, and 4% to Development Fund. , 3% each to the team and the foundation. The 2PED token debuted on LBank Exchange on January 30, 2024 at 6:00 UTC. Investors interested in 2PED can easily buy and sell on LBank Exchange.

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