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    VYUG, the pioneering Metaverse platform, successfully launched its innovative experience at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida on December 16, 2023. This event marked a historic fusion of reality and virtuality and introduced numerous opportunities and experiences within the Metaverse.

    A fascinating blend of innovation, entertainment and technology

    VYUG (short for Virtual Yug) has delivered on its promise to redefine digital engagement. The event was proof that a strong commitment to ethics and security principles has turned a once-impossible feat into a concrete reality. Participants experienced a fascinating blend of innovation, entertainment and technology, leaving a strong impression on the future of the digital environment.

    “VYUG Metaverse is here to transform the future of virtual reality with realism from the comfort of your home,” said Ubaid Chand, co-founder and CEO of VYUG. Richa Thakur, CPO further added, “Whereas everything is built around apps, VYUG is built around people, giving you a real-world experience of different sectors across the globe. ” he said.

    The VYUG platform opens the door to the digital world with VR headsets and internet access, allowing anyone to explore in various fields such as education, health, entertainment, virtual offices, brands, virtual concerts with the latest employment opportunities, etc. Masu. From the sofa. VYUG guides people on a journey to a comfortable future. VYUG is your place!!

    About Vig:

    VYUG is an emerging metaverse platform that aims to provide ethical and secure digital experiences. This innovation-focused platform opens new avenues for employment, education and entertainment, connecting the virtual and real worlds like never before. VYUG is a dynamic evolution in the way people interact with technology, transforming the way people connect, study, and learn. Thrive in a rapidly changing digital environment.


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