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    Introduction to Alien World

    The Metaverse is a virtual landscape with no boundaries. Heralded as the next phase of the internet, it’s a vast digital playground where users can explore, trade and interact without permission. Similar to the first phase of the Internet, investors are looking to maximize their time in the metaverse and capitalize on the opportunities there.

    Alien Worlds is a well-crafted Web3 gaming platform. A community-based ecosystem with over 400,000 unique monthly wallets, the most sought-after smart contract action (mining) is Up to 13 million times per dayplayers have generated over 370 million transactions in their lifetimes.

    Moreover, it is a multi-chain solution compatible with Ethereum, WAX and BNB chains. Alien Worlds currently holds the top spot in DappRadar’s blockchain game rankings due to its cutting-edge technology and dedicated user base. The sci-fi metaverse also has promising growth prospects, given that players take an active role in driving the game forward.

    understanding another world

    Alien Worlds features unique gameplay mechanics. Besides being able to mine native Trilium (TLM) tokens, the player can also collect his NFT points and redeem them for his real NFTs such as mining his tools, minions and weapons. Many of these NFTs can be used in a variety of community-made games, including Battledome, a game produced with the help of grants from . Alien Worlds Galactic Hub Grant Program.

    Governance of the DAO is a major part of Alien Worlds, and players exercise considerable power by participating in six games. planetary syndicate. Weekly Custodian elections determine which player governs the Syndicate and is responsible for managing TLM’s finances, organizing her Community events, building and playing mini-games, and general activities to further Earth’s purpose. It is decided to get

    The scalable blockchain chosen by Alien Worlds ensures a great user experience for players. For example, WAX’s block time of 0.5 seconds and his 8,000 transactions/second means that explorers known as players can take advantage of everything the game has to offer. Interestingly, Alien Worlds was the first major blockchain game to launch on his three different chains (Ethereum, WAX and BNB chains) with decentralized token teleportation functionality.

    Otherworldly Evolution

    As mentioned above, DappRadar consistently ranks Alien Worlds as the number one on-chain game. To stay ahead of the competition, the developer and his empowered community continue to expand the ecosystem, readying innovation through new projects and features. recently, mining leaderboard was announced, allowing users to track successful players and effective mining rigs. Features of this tool include filters to sort the data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

    There are also multiple datasets to analyze the data.

    • use your own tools
    • mined planet
    • mined land
    • Average NFT power
    • average mining power
    • Average charge time
    • Total NFT points
    • trillium mined

    Benefits of playing Alien Worlds in 2023

    Alien Worlds greatly enhances the metaverse gaming experience with its unique syndicated governance model, giving players creative control and freedom. Gamer appreciates the ability not only to elect, but also to campaign to become a custodian, and ongoing proposals will ensure him continued activity on all six planets.

    Alien Worlds’ immersive sci-fi theme, extensive blockchain support, and community-driven model make Alien Worlds a popular choice not only for OG crypto gamers, but also for those looking to step into the metaverse . Interestingly, many of the core innovations in gaming are funded by the aforementioned Gaoptic Hubs, a grant program that supports and funds the development of creators of diverse games and community projects in the Alien Worlds ecosystem. I’m here.

    final verdict

    Alien Worlds is powered by a vibrant, decentralized community of contributions and is a true pioneer in the Web3 gaming space. While Syndicate has enjoyed immense popularity since its introduction in 2022, rather than resting on its laurels, it has continually upgraded and improved to satisfy its growing player base.

    Alien Worlds’ focus on community engagement, smooth UX, and rich sci-fi lore, plus a generous subsidy program, make Alien Worlds a great choice for strategy gamers, NFT collectors, and Metaverse enthusiasts alike. It is

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