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    VALENCIA, Spain, November 17, 2023 (Globe Newswire) — Rine VR’s Platinum Membership redefines the virtual reality experience and provides much more than access to a dynamic 3D hub in the Metaverse. This membership is a key part of Rine VR’s vision to blend innovation, community engagement, and rewards in a unique digital ecosystem.

    Platinum members are more than just spectators in the world of Rine VR. You are an active participant in its evolution. This membership allows you to contribute ideas that shape the development of the virtual realm. This is your chance to see the potential of your creative concept becoming a reality, especially with the cash reward incentives associated with the success of Rine VR’s exclusive NFT collection. Additionally, community participation leads to the earning of Ethereum (ETH), providing tangible rewards for your contributions and ideas.

    A sense of community and co-creation is at the heart of the Platinum membership experience. Your input is essential to guiding the future of Rine VR’s digital landscape and providing a deeper connection to the Metaverse beyond exploration.

    To enhance this immersive experience, Rine VR has introduced an exciting opportunity for members to win 1 of 12 Oculus Quest 3 devices. These devices will be unlocked for every 20% of her NFTs sold, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to her transition to membership. These are more than just prizes. These are tools that deepen your immersion in the Metaverse, allowing you to experience the world you are shaping in a more tangible way.

    Rine VR’s Platinum membership is more than just a pass. It’s an invitation to a journey of innovation, collaboration, and reward. It’s about being part of a movement that’s shaping the future of digital interaction and creativity, where your contributions are recognized and rewarded.

    In the future, Rine VR plans to expand its services with different membership tiers designed to provide unique experiences. This approach accommodates a wide range of preferences and goals.

    In summary, Rine VR’s Platinum membership is an opportunity to engage with the Metaverse in a meaningful and rewarding way. This is your chance to not only experience virtual reality, but also become part of a community that actively shapes the future and earns rewards for your contributions. Rine VR continues to innovate in this space, and its Platinum membership is your gateway to being at the forefront of this exciting digital era.


    Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not intended as a solicitation to invest, and is not intended as investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. We strongly recommend that you conduct due diligence (including consulting with a professional financial advisor) before investing in or trading in securities or virtual currencies.



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