A Metaverse That Matters – A Look Into the Next Chapter of the Internet

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    The Metaverse promises to change our world. Given its potential to transform our reality, what impact will the Metaverse have on us humans?

    Web3, Blockchain and the Metaverse are topics that most people connected to the internet know or have at least heard of. The technology behind it is spreading like wildfire, and tech moguls are vying for the top spot in this new frontier.

    Clash of the Titans

    Tech giants are jumping on the Metaverse bandwagon. The Metaverse is the name given to what many believe to be the next stage of the online world, one that is highly immersive with the potential for connection to the real world. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is investing heavily in this promising prospect, while also looking to buy a major game publisher as well (subject to regulatory approval) to build momentum in the space. Bah… thumbs up) partnered with Microsoft.

    Meta and Microsoft aren’t the only tech giants riding the Metaverse wave. After countless rumors, Apple has finally revealed information about its own virtual reality goggles, the Vision Pro. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a number of statements regarding the Vision Pro announcement, emphasizing that Meta and Apple are entering what appears to be a “very deep, philosophical competition.” Forget rock-paper-scissors. This could be the battle of the century.

    The metaverse concept goes far beyond virtual reality social platforms and Zuckerberg coinage.Successor to mobile internet”.

    Level Up: A Mashup of Games and the Metaverse

    As a billion-dollar industry, gaming presents endless opportunities. Web3 games are not a particularly new phenomenon, but while play-and-earn game models are breaking new ground in the blockchain space, the potential of games in the context of the metaverse remains to be revealed. One of the interesting gaming niches entering the new age of the internet is mobile gaming (no, we’re not talking about the typical Candy Crush kind of mobile games here, except that I can’t deny how good it is.)

    There is no doubt that the metaverse will have some impact on the gaming market. “It’s not crazy. As the physical world grows darker and darker, the new digital world offers a place to reconnect.” Lucaz Lee, founder of AR metaverse mobile game startup Affyn, said:they raised $20 million In an initial round of funding last January.

    According to a survey conducted by EY, 97% of gaming executives believe games are central to the metaverse, highlighting that the majority of companies are currently in “experimental” mode when it comes to this space. It is undeniable that the game world undergoes various changes towards a new future.

    As Aladdin said – a whole new world (of habit)

    The Metaverse isn’t just for multiplayer games and virtual meetings. It promises even more. It becomes a vast network of his interconnected 3D virtual worlds, accessible in real time by countless users. Imagine the ability to create a strong sense of belonging and easily reinforce it to open the door to immense engagement, performance and habit formation.

    ChatGPT, a conversational language model developed by OpenAI, quickly gained worldwide popularity after its release. The tool quickly found utility around the world and was used for a variety of tasks such as idea generation, code creation (such as helping build metaverse spaces), and message creation. Its functionality has come to rival his 2000s search engine. Similarly, the Metaverse has the potential to meet unimaginable needs.

    Onion Metaverse: Hierarchical

    Like most breakthrough technologies, the Metaverse will take time to gain traction and gain mass adoption. The difference, however, is that the Metaverse adds an extra layer to good old technology by implementing elements of the actual “human experience”. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of human connections, emotions and interactions, and that is exactly what the Metaverse will facilitate. “I was fascinated by this idea of ​​creating a world with a few simple, low-level rules, but just like the real world, but from basic fundamentals to make it come alive,” Lee said. continued. “The success of the Metaverse will only be based on the human qualities of social interaction and self-expression.”

    So… is the metaverse important?

    Imagine opening a local newspaper in the 80’s to talk about the invention of the Internet. How likely are we to ask, “What is this ‘Internet’ and why do we need it?” Regardless of industry, the world is slowly beginning to reveal and discover the many benefits of the Metaverse, so there is no need to imagine that scenario. Don’t miss the possibilities of the metaverse. The Metaverse will play a major role in Internet and social interaction in the near future.


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