A Revolutionary Leap in Blockchain Technology

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    BlackFort launches BXN Smart Chain: A revolutionary leap forward in blockchain technology
    December 10, 2023
    December 10, 2023

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    BlackFort Exchange Network (BlackFort) recently announced its breakthrough blockchain platform and BXN SmartChain technology, aimed at redefining the digital asset management landscape. This innovative initiative represents a major step forward for the blockchain community, offering enhanced features such as EVM's compatibility, speed, scalability, security, and efficiency to those seeking to develop blockchain-based solutions. To do.

    Revolutionizing digital asset management:

    The introduction of BXN SmartChain technology by BlackFort Exchange Network marks a major leap forward in the realm of digital asset management. This technology facilitates the rapid and transparent transfer of digital assets between multiple parties and represents a paradigm shift in the way complex transactions and interactions are automated through the use of smart contracts. BXN Smart Chain has the potential to unlock new potential for the global economy.

    BlackFort blockchain platform features:

    BlackFort's blockchain platform is positioned as a layer 1 blockchain and focuses on compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). With notable characteristics such as superior speed, scalability, and security, this platform provides a solid foundation for digital asset management. Additionally, its design prioritizes efficiency and incorporates easy delegation with Proof-of-Staked-Authority (PoSA). Our commitment to transparency ensures that all participants in a transaction have the information they need to provide peace of mind.

    Innovative node concept:

    An innovative feature introduced by BlackFort's blockchain is the concept of nodes. There are a total of 304,000 of these nodes, distributed among users and offering a unique approach to digital asset representation. Each node is a non-fungible collection of native tokens (nNFTs) with a specific weight representation known as a token lock. Nodes cannot be subdivided into individual coins. Instead, they function as a cohesive entity. A user can delegate a node and contributes to his PoSA, which is a verification mechanism that weighs the authority of the owner.

    IVO sale price trends:

    BlackFort will set the starting IVO selling price at 0.01 euro and will gradually reach the final target IVO selling price of 0.02 euro before the exchange launch. This price adjustment reflects the evolving capabilities of our platform and the increasing value it brings to our user base.

    Commitment to the advancement of blockchain technology:

    BlackFort Exchange Network has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. BlackFort is focused on providing an efficient and transparent platform for digital asset management and is a driving force behind the continued evolution of blockchain solutions.


    The announcement of BlackFort's BXN Smart Chain and its advanced blockchain platform marks a pivotal moment in the world of digital asset management. BlackFort is poised to reshape the blockchain technology landscape with a focus on innovative features such as EVM compatibility, innovative nodes, and transparent delegation processes. His commitment to continuous improvement, as evidenced by his dynamic IVO sales pricing, reflects his BlackFort's dedication to providing enhanced value to users and driving the evolution of blockchain capabilities. It emphasizes a positive attitude.


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