African Union And Emerging And Immersive Technologies For African Youth

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    William Jackson, MD World Metaverse Council, WordPress / WordCampMetaverseWP, My Quest To Teach
    The development of immersive and emerging technologies is of critical importance to African countries, and there is a need for opportunities and initiatives to build cooperation, cooperation and partnerships in new technologies that will impact education, business, commerce and finance in Africa. there is. Africans are using information to empower themselves to position themselves as entrepreneurs in the digital ecosystem.
    These ecosystems can be seen at conferences such as Power of Africa (POA), Project ASHA, WordCamp conferences across Africa, and other events. Africa is the fastest growing continent in smartphone technology, the published article states.
    The impact of smartphone technology over the past decade will continue into the future, as announced by Petroc Taylor on July 18, 2023.
    The population of sub-Saharan Africa is expected to reach 689 million by 2028, based on steady growth to date. In 2022, there were 415 million smartphone subscriptions in sub-Saharan Africa. ”
    Growth may not even slow down due to population explosions in Africa, India and parts of Asia. The increasing number of adolescents, teens, and young adults using wireless technology has increased the use and, in some cases, abuse of digital devices.
    The African Union is a continental union of 54 African countries that followed the decolonization of Africa and needed to unify the continent to prevent future political or colonization.
    Economically, commercially, and in business. The colonization of Africa in education was also a major issue, with laws like the “Textbook Act” described by Chinua Achebe in his book, which allowed books to be used by the British to portray Africans as ignorant and subhuman. It was. This has created a humiliating mindset in the perceptions Africans have of themselves and the perceptions they project to the world.
    In 2002, the AU was created to support cooperation to build a stronger and more united Africa. Changing perceptions of the world and of Africa itself. The AU has an important and even integral part in engaging the African diaspora around the world and inviting people not just because of the color of their skin, but because of their background heritage and connection to Africa. While there is a solidarity of unity and economic cooperation, efforts are in place to provide free travel through visa-free travel and an increase in a single African currency that can compete with global currencies.
    beauty of AU has united the continent in many ways and helped build stronger and more stable countries. Much of this information can be found at The African Union Explained.
    Adopting technology is a key element in creating wealth and building businesses that connect to global markets. It suggests the need for training in NFT, Bitcoin, Web 3, IOT, AI, MR, VR, and Metaverse technologies, to name a few areas. Companies like My Quest To Teach are building metaverse galleries for technology conferences in Africa ( ) and sponsor students and teachers to attend these conferences so they don’t have to pay registration fees. The AU is in the process of gaining more knowledge on how to build technological resources to help Africans enter the digital realm now and in the future.
    African Union can grow Africa digitally by integrating Metaverse into African businesses

    By providing opportunities for growth and innovation.To provide low-cost or free resources

    It empowers entrepreneurial and visionary small and medium-sized Africans who want to grow their businesses and provide services and resources not only to their own communities but to the entire continent.

    There is no concrete information on how the African Union can integrate the metaverse to build African business, but it could include access to global think tanks, conferences, invitations for young people and teenagers, etc. is.

    And young people are the continent’s best resource to participate in this process. This new generation of young people will develop potential ways to achieve this integration. The education system must similarly change to ensure free access to secondary education and to provide additional education to higher and vocational education.

    The African Union should play a key role in facilitating the development of the necessary technological infrastructure to expand and provide access to the Metaverse. Unfortunately, access to his Wi-Fi remains out of reach for millions of Africans, and the fact is that Africans are unable to pay their data bills and secure access to family and friends. Sometimes I don’t eat for days just to do it. We can invest in broadband connectivity, support the development of data centres, access satellite communications and even access fiber optic networks already in place in the oceans around Africa. Although access points are already in place, people in Africa are either denied access to these resources or find them unaffordable.

    If the goal is to build Africa into a global economic and commercial powerhouse, Africans need access to technology, Wi-Fi resources, and investments to expand and employ other Africans. there is.

    Strategies must be developed to accelerate the deployment of 5G networks and faster emerging technologies and build the necessary infrastructure to give schools free or discounted access to the internet and the Metaverse. The African Union can create a conducive environment to integrate the Metaverse into African business and create an economic ecosystem that competes with the US, Europe and Asia.

    As a professor of higher education and public education, I have always taught my students that we live in a global economy. To strengthen relationships with African youth, teens, and young adults, the African Union can foster cooperation and partnerships between local businesses, technology companies, data centers, smartphone providers, and international stakeholders. Masu. Africa by sponsoring and organizing conferences, workshops and events that bring together stakeholders from both the technology and business sectors, as well as offering unique conferences, workshops and training for youth, teens and young adults. support the future ofBuild a digital workforce that fosters collaboration and connectivity across your organization

    Continent. The African Union will create opportunities for knowledge sharing, skills development and exchange of ideas related to integrating the Metaverse into African business, and will help youth, teenagers and young people use it to build and sustain societies. This allows you to have a business that pays into a tax structure. cities, communities, neighborhoods, and even villages.

    Multiple technology conferences have been held across Africa and workshops for youth and teens have been held. These should be supported by the resources of the African Union, which should support organizers, speakers, volunteers and sponsors who are looking to a great vision for Africa through each generation. To harness the full potential of the Metaverse, African businesses will need a skilled workforce, creatives, innovators, visionaries, artists and designers. The African Union can work with educational institutions and training centers, such as ICT, to develop programs that provide individuals with the skills they need to succeed in the metaverse. This may include training in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D modeling, coding, and other related fields. By investing in education and skills development, the African Union can ensure African businesses have a talented workforce that can navigate the metaverse.

    By using the model of recent WordCamp Entebbe, WordCamp Jinja, WordCamp Kampala, WordCamp Nairobi, and WordCamp Masaka youth and young adult workshops, you can build much-needed mentoring and education strategies that will impact your future. can.

    The African Union was founded on the understanding that a united Africa is a stronger Africa. Building strength, economic equality to resist future foreign colonialist invasions, and even becoming a global competitor with the rest of the world, encouraging young people, teenagers, and young adults to become business owners and investors in Africa. The strength to develop into a family, an entrepreneur, and a visionary.

    Understanding how ICT structures and resources are serving and in need of support and enhancement can lead to investment opportunities, collaboration with WordCamp conferences, accessibility, access, and access to support educational immersion. This is important in strengthening collaboration with companies like My Quest To Teach. Metaverse. Links to African and global conferences on the Metaverse can be found here:

    The existence of an African ICT center is a specialized institution or facility focused on information and communication technology (ICT). These are designed to support development and innovation in Africa. These centers are expected to play an important role in promoting the digital environment and increasing the use of technology in education and business in various sectors in Africa. The success of the African Union requires the participation of African youth, teens and youth, who are the future of Africa.


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