AI ‘Godfather’ Leaves Google, Fears Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

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    Artificial intelligence pioneer Geoffrey Hinton has left Google, expressing concern about the potentially serious harm of the technology he helped develop.

    AI has been a hot topic of discussion lately, not only because of its ability to create human-like works, but because of the risks associated with AI.

    As MetaNews previously reported, more than 1,000 technology leaders have identified all major AI advances and training temps until developers can better understand how these technologies work. I am writing an open letter to stop it.

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    In 2012, Dr. Hinton and two graduate students at the University of Toronto created the intellectual foundation for the AI ​​systems that tech giants believe will be essential to the future.

    However, the pioneer i’m worried now Serious harm it can bring. Dr. Hinton quit his job at Google, where he worked for more than a decade, to speak out about the dangers of AI.

    He expressed regret about his life’s work, saying that part of him now wishes he had made a different choice.

    “I console myself with my usual excuses. If I didn’t do it, someone else would,” Dr. Hinton said.

    From AI pioneer to apocalyptic

    Dr. Hinton’s transition from AI pioneer to apocalyptic represents a pivotal moment for the industry as tech giants continue to pour billions of dollars into AI. Especially at a critical time that could define its future.

    There are already concerns that the use of generative AI as a means of spreading misinformation could ultimately threaten employment opportunities.

    According to some of the technology industry’s most prominent critics, it could even be a risk to humanity itself.

    Dr. Hinton said:

    Despite his resignation, Google appears to be talking casually about Hinton’s concerns.

    “We remain committed to a responsible approach to AI,” said Jeff Dean, Chief Scientist at Google.

    Dr. Hinton and Google

    After Google spent $44 million to acquire the company founded by Dr. Hinton and two students, their systems have become increasingly technologically advanced, including chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard. became the basis for the development of

    One of our students, Sutskever, has been appointed Chief Scientist of OpenAI. In recognition of his contributions to neural networks, Dr. Hinton and two of his other collaborators were awarded the Turing Prize in 2018, often referred to as the “Nobel Prize for Computing.”

    As AI development continues to accelerate, it remains to be seen whether Hinton’s and others’ concerns will be recognized, proven valid, or ultimately dismissed.

    The post about the AI ​​”godfather” leaving Google and fearing the dangers of artificial intelligence first appeared on MetaNews.


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