AI Integration Amplifies the Online Gambling Experience

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    While the integration of AI in gambling is transforming the industry and improving the user experience, it is also exacerbating the risk of addiction, highlighting concerns among experts.

    An important turning point in the development of gaming and gambling is the meeting of artificial intelligence (AI) and the gambling field. The application of AI in this field offers unprecedented possibilities in terms of efficiency, security and personalization as the technology develops.

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    This integration not only improves the user experience, but also changes the way sports betting and casino operators operate.

    AI in the gambling experience

    At the age of 18, Danny Cheatham went to his local bookie and started gambling on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs). He didn't spend any time playing video games online. Mr Cheatham, 34, claims the ease of access and solitary nature of online gambling has exacerbated his habit.

    The latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have provided gaming companies with new resources. Companies claim that it improves the customer experience. But Cheatham and others aren't so sure. He said the technology will definitely increase user engagement, but it could also lead to deeper addictions. Moreover, the ethical dilemma here is whether the pursuit of profit takes precedence over the welfare of the individual prone to addiction.

    Furthermore, Scotty McKeever dismissed such concerns. The foundation of the services his company EquinEdge provides is AI.

    EquinEdge It uses artificial intelligence to analyze data such as horse performance, track conditions, and jockey and trainer statistics. This is analyzed to generate metrics such as the likelihood of a particular horse winning. Even though the AI ​​does the heavy lifting for you, gamblers still have to decide how to interpret the metrics, and this is what his EquinEdge describes as “the fun part.”

    According to McKeever, AI is making it easier than ever to provide consumers with the kinds of data and analytics that were previously the domain of professionals. Furthermore, he believes that the use of AI will have no impact on problem gambling. He said this is a disease no different from any other addiction. He also said that people who struggle with gambling would not be helped by making gambling more boring or less rewarding, nor would they be harmed by making gambling less boring or rewarding. added.

    Additionally, Jim Makos said on X (formerly Twitter) that he can't wait to see how AI disrupts the gambling industry.

    Companies using AI for gambling

    However, several other companies are using AI to customize the experience for gamblers. Betby provides technology to gambling companies that uses artificial intelligence to personalize the betting experience and predict churn and lifetime value.

    Betby's head of AI, Danil Emelyanov, said the company's newly launched AI tools allow the company to analyze users' past activity, current behavior, behavioral similarities to nearby customers, and sports in general. We mentioned that you can prioritize content that is more relevant to your users based on trends.

    Similar to EquinEdge, Betby provides users with recommendations and additional details about specific events to help clients make wise betting decisions.

    In addition to giving gamblers more of what they want, artificial intelligence is trained to identify “key behavioral changes” that may indicate problems in clients. This can include impulsive behavior, general spending, and repeated losses or loss-seeking.

    The algorithms used by Betby rely on information about user account activity, frequency and amount of bets, and type of bets. Emelyanov said that from this data, the technology can identify key characteristics that may indicate problem gambling or fraudulent activity.


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