AI Measures Taken to Secure Delhi on Independence Day

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    AI cameras, anti-drone systems and kite traps will be deployed in Delhi to ensure safety during the Independence Day celebrations. The Red Fort area, where Modi’s speech will take place, will be protected by more than 15 AI-equipped cameras and more than 1,000 surveillance cameras. Drone countermeasures are also perfect. Delhi’s borders have been closed and 10,000 people, including SWAT teams and militias, have been deployed to ensure total security.

    Amazon introduces AI-powered summaries for product reviews

    Amazon introduced AI-generated product review summaries to help customers make faster decisions. This feature condenses feedback by identifying common themes. Initially available to a portion of US mobile shoppers, it may be expanded based on user feedback. Amazon is focused on integrating generative AI across its services, in line with his CEO Andy Jassy’s vision for its potential impact on the company.

    New York Times blocks use of content for training AI models

    The New York Times has updated its terms of service to prohibit the use of content for training AI models. Automated tools such as crawlers now require a permit. This action is intended to prevent unauthorized data use and follows similar policy updates from Google. Concerns about AI models using copyrighted web data influenced this decision.

    EdTech firm in India leverages AI to reduce spending and streamline hiring

    EdTech companies in India are turning to AI, especially generative AI, to address their financial challenges. Due to financial constraints, these companies are integrating AI to increase efficiency and reduce losses. His EdTech startup Disprz, which recently secured a $30 million Series C funding round, plans to leverage AI for its core capabilities, improving efficiency and scalability without a significant headcount increase. I can.

    The Dual Role of AI in Literature: Threat and Inspiration

    The impact of AI on creativity is a concern for writers, and many support lawsuits against unauthorized use of copyrighted material. But AI is also becoming an element of storytelling, inspiring more and more novelists. From exploring unemployment to the concept of the metaverse, the presence of AI in modern culture is harnessed in fiction to explore human dilemmas. Publishers have picked up on this trend and are incorporating AI-related themes into their book proposals.


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