AI Virtual Popstar Secures a Record Deal with Warner Music

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    Warner Music has signed a record deal with an AI virtual pop singer known as Noonoouri, taking AI in music to another level and garnering support and controversy at the same time.

    Noonoouri, who is famous on Instagram, has already amassed over 400,000 followers on the social media platform.

    symbol of freedom

    This virtual popstar was created by German graphic designer Jörg Zuber and became popular on social media in 2018. Zuber also wanted to realize a dream rooted in his fascination with fashion, which sees Noonuri as a “symbol of freedom.”

    For him, Noonuri, who is also a fashion icon, is the embodiment of freedom. Unlike other musicians, Noonouri exists solely digitally, free from “human limitations such as aging, fatigue, and sleep.”

    Noonuri announced the deal in an Instagram post, saying music is her “lifeline” and that music “uplifts spirits, feeds visions and ideas, and breathes life into me as a driving force.” Stated.

    “Warner Music is home to many of my favorite music artists. I couldn’t be more grateful and honored to join such an amazing family where music is the heartbeat of their lives,” she added. Ta.

    according to design boomThis is the first time a music label has signed a record deal with a virtual pop musician.

    Big business for “big” girls

    Noonuri doesn’t just focus on music. Her digital presence goes beyond that.She is a fashion icon who is also involved in promotions. Fashion that suits you, I am against vegan diets and the use of fur in the fashion industry.

    according to hyper beatthe pop star has already collaborated with various big names on design campaigns and is reported to have worked with Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell, among other big names in the showbiz industry.

    Zuber introduced her in 2017 and has partnered with major fashion brands such as Dior, Versace and Marc Jacobs.

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    Warner Music’s decision comes amid divided opinion among artists, record labels, and listeners regarding AI music.

    While some artists have expressed opposition to the use of AI in the industry, others feel it is a welcome development that will strengthen the music and arts industries.

    Some of the biggest concerns regarding AI-generated music and art include originality, compensation, and copyright issues.

    But while talking about the release of her song “Dominoes”; Instagram In the post, Noonuri revealed that this was a collaboration between herself, Andrew Bullimore, Ale Farben and Jenson Vaughan.

    according to hyper beat According to the article, the vocals in the track were rendered using generative AI inspired by real-life human voices. The article also stated that the income earned from the “Domino’s” song will be shared among all the creators of the song, including the writers, singers, and musicians who worked on the song.

    While many are calling for better AI regulation, others are praising the technology and recognizing the benefits that can come from using AI properly.


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