Air New Zealand brings country’s largest Metaverse gallery to life to take youth art to the world

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    Air New Zealand has partnered with National Geographic to bring New Zealand’s largest Metaverse virtual photo gallery to life.

    The airline invites people from all over the world to ‘step’ into the digital gallery and experience New Zealand through the eyes of young people.

    This digital exhibit showcases 96 photographs taken by Rangatahi around the country during the Air New Zealand and National Geographic photo camps that began in 2019.

    Across five photo camps, National Geographic Society’s world-leading storytellers guide rangatahi from different community groups, teaching them how to express their unique perspectives on what it means to be a kiwi, whanau, whennua, and modern life. Captured the story of life. camera lens.

    Air New Zealand chief customer and commercial officer Leanne Geraghty said the gallery was created to celebrate the next generation of storytellers.

    “Through Air New Zealand and National Geographic Photocamps, young New Zealanders have explored their world through photography and created stunning art that showcases Aotearoa through the eyes of Rangatahi.

    (Image: Latamai Katoa via Air New Zealand)

    “We offer people around the world the opportunity to explore its stunning visual narrative. The virtual gallery transcends geographic boundaries and exposes Aotearoa to a global audience.

    “We are proud to enable young New Zealanders to express themselves through photography and build a platform to showcase their diverse perspectives and creativity.”

    Aucklander Ratamai Katoa, who attended the camp in Russell, Northland, said the virtual gallery was a great opportunity to showcase kiwi art from around the world.

    “By presenting our exhibition virtually, everyone will be able to appreciate the wondrous mahi of Rangatahi in Aotearoa. It should be fun, and this way of exhibiting our work allows everyone to participate.”

    Accessible from all over the world, this virtual gallery features an intuitive user-friendly interface, including greetings from Air New Zealand flight attendants who welcome visitors and direct them to various portals.

    With up to 50 people in each of the gallery’s six areas, there’s always an opportunity for hundreds of people to interact and interact with art and each other.

    How to access the virtual gallery

    The virtual gallery can be experienced on virtual reality headsets, desktop and mobile. For those interested in viewing, please visit the Air New Zealand Virtual Gallery | Photocamp exhibition (

    Click the link to learn more, create custom avatars, and access spaces to participate, interact, and explore. The exhibition will be held from today.


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