Alaian, Qualcomm seek out extended reality startups

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    Ariane A telecom consortium has announced a partnership with Qualcomm Technologies to globally recruit companies it believes will create synergies and become innovative start-ups in the field.

    Founded in April 2022, Alaian is a coalition of eight of the world’s leading telecommunications companies: Bouygues Telecom, Cellnex, KPN, MTN, NOS, STC, Telefonica and Wind Tre. The Alliance’s stated ambition at its launch was to share best practices and various use cases for the latest technologies they are collaborating on, with the ambition to constantly innovate.

    Allian wants to push the innovation bar even higher with Qualcomm Technologies, which he hopes will focus first on identifying startups with the “most disruptive” products.

    That’s why we’re looking for outfits with use cases for the metaverse, video games, edutainment, industrial and manufacturing, logistics, retail, digital social experiences, connectivity, networking, devices, virtual platforms, and other applications and services.

    Connectivity tools and software to power the deployment of Augmented Reality (XR) products and services use cases will also be considered. XR mass entertainment at home. His XR Sustainability Tool for Large Enterprises.

    The start-ups selected by Alaian and Qualcomm Technologies are based on the knowledge of the market in which the telco is located, network of contacts, connectivity and infrastructure, and potential capital investment from Alaian’s member investment vehicles. have access to resources. It also includes access to a global network of telco VCs, training for entrepreneurs, and business development initiatives.

    Qualcomm Technologies will also offer a number of exclusive benefits, including access to the recently updated Snapdragon Spaces Developer Platform to facilitate the cross-device XR ecosystem, and a dev kit that allows startups to create and optimize next-generation extensions. provide. real life experience.

    It also provides dedicated engineering support to help companies overcome technical challenges and maximize project potential, as well as a network of resources and strategic opportunities to accelerate startup growth. You will also be given priority access to the Snapdragon Spaces Pathfinder program designed to

    “This joint conference call is a unique opportunity for start-ups looking to accelerate their growth and benefit from the support of eight of the telecoms giants,” said Daniel Hernández, Vice President, Devices and Consumer Internet of Things, Telefónica. It provides an opportunity,” he said. “We are excited to discover new talent and accelerate the development of disruptive solutions in the field of augmented reality.”

    Douglas Vaz Benitez, senior director of business development for Qualcomm Europe, added: “We have an XR R&D center in Europe and our main aim is to enable startups to succeed by creating immersive applications in a faster, easier and more profitable way. XR will be central to the world we live in in the years to come, and Qualcomm’s XR solutions, with a particular focus on Snapdragon Spaces, are a must for anyone wanting to join this new technology transition. But it’s available, and we’re very excited about the opportunities in front of us.”

    Companies interested in participating in the project can obtain more detailed information and submit their projects. Aryan’s website.


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