All Universe’s Diverse Approach to Metaverse Investment and Development

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    Diverse approaches to all-universe metaverse investment and development
    December 26, 2023
    December 26, 2023

    kelly cromley

    In the current climate, the global conversation is dominated by the transformative concept of the 'metaverse'. This forward-looking term, a transition from science fiction to reality, has caught the attention of the investment, finance and media sectors, and has been hailed as “the next revolution after the Internet'' and “the most powerful trend of the next decade.'' Masu. Bloomberg data predicts the Metaverse market will reach $800 billion by 2024, and PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts the market size will reach $1.5 trillion by 2030, with significant growth expected. It shows possibilities.

    “Fusing virtual and real for market liquidity”

    All Universe, a specialized player in the Metaverse domain, is resolutely committed to exploring the intrinsic value of this digital realm. Their ecosystem seamlessly blends virtual and reality, aiming to create market liquidity and profitability through digital assets and diverse asset packages. Participants are positioned as citizens within this realm and can invest in different sectors of ecology based on their citizen level, fostering a diverse and efficient investment environment.

    “UNV’s ecological token and ambitious plans”

    All Universe's ambitions extend to building a diversified commercial metaverse empire based on the “UNV” ecological token. This empire includes virtual business districts, educational spaces, medical services, arts centers, digital identities, and a broader space economy. Operating under a “coin-to-equity” capital model, All Universe is pursuing a win-win scenario for both coins and stocks, with the ultimate goal of listing on Nasdaq.

    “A human-centered approach to technological innovation”

    The team at All Universe emphasizes the importance of scene value and experience value in the Metaverse. They argue that technological innovations are more attractive and more likely to be valued when they benefit human society. By building a diverse ecosystem spanning the internet, blockchain, and physical industries, All Universe aims to appreciate the assets of its participants and bring stable investment returns to this space.

    “Professional investment approach and risk management”

    To address the inherent issue of risk, All Universe operates like a trust fund, leveraging a dedicated investment and research team to diversify risk and implement effective investment plans. The core strategy includes diversification of investments across different ecosystems and industries, ensuring a solid return on investment for participants. This approach helps offset potential underperformance in one sector with success in other sectors, reducing risk.

    “Promoting a universal consensus circle through distribution”

    All Universe plans to distribute its holdings in various sectors to the market using an “equity and governance” incentive mechanism. This strategy accelerates derivative product incubation, injects capital into development, and facilitates the formation of a universal consensus circle.

    “Metaverse as a catalyst for finance and ecological civilization”

    The appearance of the Metaverse means the beginning of a new world. All Universe continues to expand its business kingdom by exploring the vast potential of the Metaverse and integrating the “virtual + physical” economy. By leveraging blockchain technology, All Universe aims to create a decentralized space where users can live, work, invest, manage their finances, and interact. This development aims to foster a unique financial civilization and ecological civilization within the entire space metaverse nation and revolutionize people's lives.


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