Alpha Transform Holdings Collaborates with Trace Labs to Revolutionize Corporate News and Investor Insights with AI and Web3 Technology

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    Alpha Transform Holdings collaborates with Trace Labs to revolutionize company news and investor insights using AI and Web3 technologies
    September 22, 2023
    September 22, 2023

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    Content Syndicate, the news distribution service of Alpha Transform Holdings, and its subsidiary Blockchain Wire, which specializes in distributing blockchain and crypto-related news, are partnering with Trace Labs, the lead developer of OriginTrail, on a groundbreaking collaboration with Trace Labs, the lead developer of OriginTrail. We have embarked on a strategic partnership. Their joint mission is to establish the world’s first decentralized information hub that integrates press releases, company news, and filings in an innovative way.

    New Frontiers: AI-powered insights for investors:

    Through this strategic partnership, Blockchain Wire is bringing the world of enterprise data, news, and investor insights into the era of artificial intelligence (AI). The foundation of this transformation is a question-and-answer chat interface designed to give investors and analysts comprehensive access to diverse data sources, including specific companies and industries. Additionally, the ability to filter these sources ensures a personalized chat experience for the user. Importantly, all responses provided are anchored to verifiable sources and each is linked to her ID of the corresponding publisher. This monumental effort puts Blockchain Wire on track to create a globally comprehensive platform that facilitates the aggregation and access of corporate data and investor insights.

    Future vision:

    Enzo Villani, co-founder of Blockchain Wire, shared his enthusiasm for this paradigm-changing partnership. The Alpha Transform Holdings team boasts his 20 years of industry involvement, and the integration of AI and his Web3 technology presents a unique opportunity. This enables companies to provide verifiable information about their operations and encourages various stakeholders, including auditors, certification bodies, government agencies, to share their claims, and investors and analysts. provides seamless access to a wealth of knowledge. Mr. Villani expressed his excitement about the potential impact of this breakthrough technology.

    Leveraging OriginTrail’s Distributed Knowledge Graph (DKG):

    These new capabilities are powered by the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) and co-developed in collaboration with Trace Labs, the pioneer creator of the OriginTrail DKG. A robust and well-established technology, his DKG has already been applied in Fortune 500 companies across a variety of sectors including global trade, pharmaceuticals, construction, and the Metaverse.

    Optimistic outlook:

    Žiga Drev, founder of Trace Labs, expressed pride in the partnership with Blockchain Wire and their joint efforts to bring ground-breaking solutions to the market. He highlighted the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and noted its ability to drive progress across a variety of industries. She particularly emphasized that AI could have a major impact on the areas of corporate news and investor research. Drev is looking forward to seeing the solution in the hands of users and the role it will play in realizing Blockchain Wire’s visionary goals.


    The strategic partnership between Alpha Transform Holdings and Trace Labs marks an important milestone in the field of corporate news and investor insights. By employing AI and Web3 technologies, this partnership will enable companies to share verified information, empower stakeholders to advocate, and give investors and analysts unfettered access to a wealth of knowledge. We aim to build an unparalleled platform to OriginTrail’s distributed knowledge graph integration serves as a testament to the maturity and versatility of this technology, which has already earned the trust of Fortune 500 companies. As this work progresses, we hope to reshape the way information is accessed, verified and used within corporate and investor environments, ushering in a new era of transparency and accessibility.


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