Americana Uses NFTs to Transform the World of Vaulted Storage

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    next-generation storage services, Americana, now has its fair share of doors open to the general public. From now on, anyone can safely store their physical valuables, protected via NFTs and blockchain.

    For over 100 years, financial institutions have provided investors with safe deposit boxes to store their most valuable possessions. This effectively means locking them in a high-security facility that can only be accessed via strict identification protocols. But the problem with this model is that these valuables remain inaccessible to most people, even out of sight of their rightful owners.

    To solve this problem, Americana leverages blockchain and NFT technology to successfully bring secure storage into the digital age. As a result, users will continue to be able to store their valuable items in a highly secure, temperature-controlled environment. However, the company will then create high-resolution digital reproductions of the items that owners can display and share, partnering with NFT titles hosted on the Ethereum network to make them available for trading on supported NFT marketplaces.

    Americana paves the way for the secure vault industry

    Launched in 2022, Americana has spent the past year perfecting its product by storing a variety of specially curated and prized items. The facility has the capacity to store items of various sizes, from small stamps to large capacity vehicles. Each item is recorded and authenticated using blockchain technology and represented by a non-fungible token.

    So far, the project has secured a number of relics, including motorcycles, rare Pokemon cards, Rolex watches, priceless works of art, and even a sealed blue original iPhone 5c. Upon receiving each item, the project authenticates, documents and evaluates it, while using giant 3D photogrammetry machines to create stunning high-resolution digital likenesses of the object.

    As a result of its amazing innovation, owners can now safely store their most coveted items while still maintaining the ability to browse and display them freely.

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