Amit Shah said in G20 conference, terrorists are using dark net to hide their identity

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    At the two-day G20 meeting, Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah expressed concern that terrorists are using the darknet to hide their identities and spread extremist content, and to understand the patterns of these activities. I searched for a solution. He also said that the threat of cyberattacks is looming over all the world’s major economies, with many of the world’s countries falling victim to them. Shah said that terrorists use the darknet to hide their identities and spread extremist content in order to build a robust and efficient operating system, and that we should examine the patterns of these activities on the darknet. Said we need to understand and find a solution. . The Home Minister also pointed out the need to think consistently to curb the use of various virtual assets.

    The Metaverse Was Once A Sci-Fi Idea, Now It’s Entering The Real World

    Speaking at the G20 conference on irrefutable tokens, artificial intelligence, and crime and security in the age of the Metaverse, Shah went on to say that once a science fiction idea, the Metaverse has now entered the real world. He said the Metaverse could create new opportunities for terrorist organizations, mainly for propaganda, recruitment and training. Amit Shah said this would make it easier for terrorist organizations to pick and target vulnerable people and prepare materials according to their weaknesses. The metaverse also creates an opportunity to truly mimic a user’s identity, known as deepfakes, Shah added. With better biometric information about individuals, criminals can impersonate users and steal personal information.

    Even 10 minutes of online network interruption can be deadly

    He also said cybercriminals have carried out a wide range of incidents ranging from ransomware attacks, sale of sensitive personal data, online harassment and child abuse to fake news and misinformation campaigns using toolkits. pointed out that At the same time, there is a growing trend to strategically target critical information and financial systems, Shah said. Shah said such activities are a matter of national concern as they directly affect national security, law and order and the economy. If we want to stop these crimes and criminals, we need to think and act. Shah said the target of digital warfare is not our physical resources, but our ability to act online. If the online network is interrupted for even 10 minutes he can be fatal.

    Citizens need to trust digital platforms

    Noting that today all governments in the world are promoting digital instruments in governance and public welfare, Amit Shah said that this direction requires citizens to trust digital platforms. Deteriorating security in the digital realm is also raising questions about the legitimacy and sovereignty of nation-states, Shah advised. I added no. should be

    The world could lose about $5.2 trillion

    Regarding the threat of cyberattacks spreading across all the world’s major economies, Shah said the World Bank estimates that cyberattacks could cost the world about $5.2 trillion between 2019 and 2023. quoted. He also added that the use of cryptocurrencies by malicious actors makes their detection and prevention more complicated.

    Establishment of Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center

    Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the Government of India will ensure cyber security by outlining a unified cyber strategy, real-time reporting of cyber crimes, building LEA capacity, designing analytical tools and establishing a national network of forensic laboratories. We are taking steps to . Active in the field of cleanliness and spread cyber awareness to all citizens. Shah said crime and crime tracking networks and systems have been installed in all police stations in the country. He also said the Indian government has established the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Center to ensure a comprehensive response to cybercrime.


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