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    Published December 20, 2023

    As blockchain technology becomes more sophisticated, it will drive growth across the industry. The process is no longer driven by isolated instances, but is based on a vast network of cooperating partners aiming for mutual prosperity. As a pivotal metaverse public blockchain platform, Statter has skillfully built a diverse and prosperous ecosystem system in the current wave of development. Stutter's rapid progress is largely due to the reinforcement of its partners. The purpose of this article is to highlight the ecology of Statter's cooperation partners and summarize the roles they play across different domains and their contributions to the Statter ecosystem overall.

    1.Investment institution

    In March 2023, Mr. Stutter secured an investment of tens of millions of dollars from the Holo Foundation. The two companies have entered into a strategic partnership to build a comprehensive metaverse infrastructure and promote the development of the entire industrial chain. Such partnerships have not only facilitated Statter's agile market responsiveness, but also strengthened its technological growth and accelerated its deep integration into the metaverse domain.

    Additionally, the famous financial information platform ROOTDATA introduced information about Statter categorized into “Infrastructure” and “Metaverse” tags. This could indicate that, following an initial investment led by the Holo Foundation, Stutter may be ready to launch a new round of significant funding to accelerate the development and buildout of the system. There is.

    2.Mining partners

    Stadter considers carbon neutrality to be central to its long-term strategic vision. Leveraging his innovative SPOW mechanism, the company aims to balance computational competition, fairness, and energy efficiency, and advocates the greening of mining. During the Mining Disrupt conference held in Miami, Statter established good relationships with the world's leading mining hardware manufacturers and mining conglomerates, securing strong support from companies such as HashMax, ALCHEMIST, CyberChisel, etc. . In particular, his HashMax in North America and his ALCHEMIST in Malaysia have developed environmentally friendly mining equipment designed specifically for Statter. Additionally, ALCHEMIST and CyberChisel are actively working towards Statter's comprehensive metaverse public blockchain network and its decentralized framework by establishing Statter mining farms in their respective operating regions, namely Malaysia and North America. We have demonstrated our unwavering support.

    3.Market data platform

    In the field of crypto trading, the importance of high transparency and real-time market data cannot be overstated. It is similar to a compass that a navigator relies on in the vast ocean. Due to Statter's strong reputation within the industry, its notable market presence has attracted a number of leading market data platforms to actively showcase STT's market data. This includes his CoinMarketCap, a global leader. is the world's fourth largest financial information website. The internationally renowned Yahoo Finance collaborates to form a comprehensive picture of market trends. Statter's reputation and influence also fosters informal partnerships with leading markets and data platforms in countries such as Poland, Australia, the United States, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, increasing the depth of services offered to global investors. Both ranges are guaranteed. .

    4. Trading platform

    As an emerging public blockchain platform in the metaverse mining space, Statter has been a focus of industry attention since its inception. After a long and thorough preparation period, Statter's mainnet has been successfully launched. On this occasion, on June 1st, the world-famous digital asset trading platform Poloniex announced the listing of STT token. The move has also caught the attention of the world's top exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, Gate,, and Bitget, which have already incorporated Statter's market data and set up dedicated pages. was. Although Statter has not yet started trading on these platforms, the inclusion of its market data is enough to demonstrate its untapped potential, after which he will lay the foundation for the start of STT trading . All of this clearly demonstrates Statter's exceptional strength and potential value in the public blockchain space of metaverse mining.

    5. Media platform

    Statter is gaining a lot of attention for its innovations in the field of building metaverse infrastructure. The company has released a user-friendly drag-and-drop public chain creation tool and an innovative jigsaw-style DApp component library. This will significantly lower the technical barriers to the development of new public chains and speed up the application process within the Metaverse ecosystem. Leveraging pioneering advances in metaverse infrastructure, Statter has established strategic partnerships with global media outlets. In the international arena, Statter has entered into strategic alliances with well-known Western media outlets such as CoinDesk, Streetinsider, AP News, and Bloomberg to receive comprehensive and in-depth coverage. At the same time, in the Chinese media market, authoritative platforms such as Jin10 Data, 36Kr, and WallStreetCn carry out in-depth analysis and reporting on Statter's cutting-edge technology. This set of strategies effectively integrates the world's media resources, drives Statter's global brand strategy, and provides investors around the world with deep insight into Statter's technological capabilities and market potential. Now you can.

    6.Strategic partnership

    In the field of digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Statter has established a strategic partnership with HOLO METAVERSE GROUP INC to provide robust underlying technology support for Web3 applications developed for the industrial ecosystem. Leveraging superior performance and cutting-edge blockchain technology, Statter provides comprehensive blockchain and metaverse technology services to 112 industrial spaces within the Holo industry. This collaboration is expected to significantly improve the overall strength and competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the face of fierce business competition.

    In sports technology, Statter is pushing soccer into the Web3 era. The family of legendary soccer player Maradona has established the Maradona Association with Satvika and entered into a strategic partnership with Stadter. Statter will develop the Maradona Metaverse Museum and associated blockchain projects such as NFTs and Sports Planet DApps for the association. This collaboration expands Statter's reach into Metaverse and sports applications, increases the brand's global visibility, and lays the foundation for attracting more top-level sports IP to bring the Metaverse to his technology. Confidence in your abilities is emphasized.

    7.Security audit

    On the security audit front, Statter has officially established a strategic partnership with MTR LABS SECURITY, an auditing firm specializing in Web3 and blockchain security. The agency ensures safety, privacy, and availability across the Statter ecosystem and provides Statter with practical and effective data security solutions and services.

    8.Ecological uses

    A robust ecosystem is critical to the growth and advancement of a project, creating a positive feedback loop that attracts a wealth of talent and resources to join in the grand endeavor of building an ecology. So far, the Statter ecosystem has integrated the Statter multichain wallet, which is compatible with major blockchains ETH, BSC, and TRON, laying a solid foundation for potential cross-chain developments and metaverse projects. I did. Additionally, the user experience aspect of the ecosystem has been significantly expanded and enriched by incorporating diverse and innovative applications such as the Token Creator platform, Holo MIHL metaverse library, Star Master metaverse game, and Seeshine NFT sales platform. Going forward, Stutter will continue to focus on driving global ecology-building initiatives and support more development teams by establishing a dedicated Ecology Fund, thereby working together to expand the reach of the Stutter ecosystem. To go.

    9. Key opinion leaders

    As the world's first blockchain platform focused on the metaverse space, Statter is dedicated to providing unparalleled services to developers, users, and creators in this innovative space. Since the successful launch of the autonomous network, Statter has been widely praised by key opinion leaders across the industry, initially being well-received within the English language community, and now available in Chinese, Malay, and Spanish. , and is widely popular in other language communities. Statter's foundational community has expanded from his early mining circles to now include the entire cryptocurrency industry and his Web3 community.

    10.Additional cooperating organizations

    Statter's close collaboration with strategic partners has proven especially vital in our quest to expand and deepen the ecosystem's architecture. Such initiatives will not only enrich Statter's business operations, but also open a new chapter in its growth blueprint. Coinmarketfees, an on-chain fee inquiry platform, serves as an important tool for identifying transaction costs, greatly improving user convenience. Meanwhile, Coinando has established a professional strategic advisory platform for crypto investors, and its intelligent routing strongly supports capital value appreciation. ROOTDATA, a funding platform, leverages sophisticated market analysis to drive investment decisions and efficiently bridge capital and growth potential points. On the other hand, offers a fully automated trading platform for intelligent and efficient trading. These strategic partner platforms accurately capture important information about Statter and demonstrate a series of innovative actions that Statter intends to take.

    In summary, Statter has established a robust and influential ecosystem through the creation of a multi-layered partnership network across disciplines. These partners wield significant influence in key areas such as capital investment, hardware development, market intelligence, user transactions, media advocacy, strategic planning, security audits, green software development, and community engagement. Masu. This strong collaborative network allows Statter to maintain its leading position in the rapidly evolving blockchain industry and foster continued growth and expansion. In the future, this network is poised to attract more and more partners and further boost this vibrant ecosystem.

    Disclaimer: This press release may contain forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements describe future expectations, plans, results or strategies (including product offerings, regulatory plans and business plans) and are subject to change without notice. Such statements are subject to risks that could cause future conditions, events or results to differ materially from those anticipated in the forward-looking statements, including risks that actual results may differ materially from those projected. Please note that it may be subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. In forward-looking statements.

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