ANA Group launches NFT marketplace, preparing metaverse

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    Launched NFT Marketplace

    ANA Group launched the world’s first NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace as an airline group on the 30th. The company also plans to promote its virtual travel platform ANA GranWhale.

    This marketplace “ANA GranWhale NFT MarketPlace” was established by ANA NEO Co., Ltd., which operates the Metaverse business in the ANA Group.

    As the first NFT collection, 6 types of 6 photos by aerial photographer Luke Ozawa are converted to NFT. One of them comes with a positive film.

    Mr. Ozawa’s NFT is 100,000 yen per sheet, but the NFT with a positive film will be auctioned separately until June 6th.

    In addition, the NFT of 3D voxel art NFT “Airbits” with a photograph of Mr. Taku Seike and an airline pilot as a motif was also released.

    From June 7, ANA will introduce the first Boeing 787 aircraft as a launch customer to support the new aircraft manufacturing plan as the second step, and the model that was considered to be a phantom design will be a 3D design aircraft. Released as.

    After that, works by artist Akira Terada will be released on June 22nd. In the future, the ANA Group is considering selling NFTs such as special products from all over Japan.

    In addition, since purchases are compatible with credit card payments, consumers can easily purchase NFTs without having to prepare crypto assets (virtual currency). In the case of virtual currency, it is equivalent to the Metamask of the Ethereum (ETH) wallet.

    Creators can not only purchase NFTs, but also register on the marketplace to list and sell their works. In addition, except for some products, it is also possible to sell NFTs purchased on the platform.

    What are NFTs?

    Abbreviation for “Non-Fungible Token”, a digital token that cannot be replaced and has a unique value. In addition to being used to exchange “digital items” in blockchain games, it will also be an epoch-making means for right holders (creators) in the “secondary distribution market”, which was difficult to achieve with second-hand sales. As proof of ownership of expensive works of art. It is also attracting attention as a means of reduction.

    ▶️Cryptocurrency Glossary

    Preparing Your Own Metaverse

    ANA NEO is also preparing a travel-themed metaverse space, ANA GranWhale. In addition, prior to the official release, a closed beta test was conducted in March to verify the contents, functions, operability, etc.

    ANA NEO has partnered with Hokkaido and Kyoto City, and plans to transmit experiences such as sightseeing spots, museums, food, and culture in the virtual space on the Metaverse.

    It also contributes to sales promotion of local products and regional revitalization. It also mentions attracting real travelers to the region while fusing the real and the virtual.

    Game creator Hajime Tabata (President and CEO of JP GAMES), who was the director of FINAL FANTASY XV in the Square Enix Group, was appointed as general producer.

    Musician Taro Hakase is in charge of music planning and supervision.


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