ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions switches on Tap to Pay on iPhone – Strategy

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    ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions launches Apple’s ‘Tap to Pay on iPhone’ feature, enabling merchants to accept in-person iPhone payments, eliminating the need to use multiple devices.

    The joint venture between ANZ Banking Group and European payments company Worldline has announced that business customers can now turn on this feature, allowing them to receive payments via iPhone without the need for an additional payment terminal device.

    Through the Worldline Tap on Mobile iOS app using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, you can complete transactions using contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and other digital wallets.

    Westpac visited in May this year became the first major bank to sign on to the service, while Australian fintech firm Tyro Payments also introduced the feature via an app for its corporate customers.

    ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions previously hosted Naked Life Beverages in a virtual Decentraland showroom and worked on allowing transactions on the Metaverse.

    “Wherever customers want to do business, they should be interested,” said Nigel Dobson, ANZ’s head of banking services a year ago.

    Dobson, who has worked closely with ANZ’s own metaverse, blockchain and stablecoin goals, said, “Basically, the business model you perceive is a different operating model where customers feel comfortable in those environments. If they’re moving to models, we want to stay there, we want to test and learn with them,” Dobson said at the time.

    In response to similar sentiments, ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions CEO Petr Ryska said: iTnews The iPhone’s Tap to Pay feature is “new for now” and can help businesses save money.

    “We also look to the future, which is why Worldline invested nearly $405 million globally in research and development, including exploring the Metaverse, last year alone.”

    “It is clear that the Metaverse is still evolving, including payment capabilities. We understand how technology can bridge the gap,” Liska said.

    “Mobile acceptance technology and metaverse commerce form part of the payments mix, and the ideal combination will vary from business to business.

    “The best a company can do is to get to know their customers deeply, understand how they want to pay, and pick the right combination.

    “This does not mean offering all available payment options, but rather personalizing the experience, where trusted payment partners can provide guidance.”

    “Whether it’s innovating today or investing in the future, we’re learning from Worldline’s global experience and adapting our capabilities to meet the needs of Australian businesses,” added Ryska.


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