APAC Businesses to Gain Expanded VR Training Opportunities

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    This month, Start Beyond partnered with US enterprise-grade VR training platform provider Strivr to revolutionize immersive learning for end users in APAC. Start Beyond has partnered with Strivr through their partner program. The program aims to find professional companies in the immersive industry that will drive the effectiveness and adoption of VR training.

    Start Beyond is working with Strivr to enable immersive storytelling and content creation and enhance training opportunities for Strivr’s SDK and delivery platform.

    Start Beyond has experience designing immersive story-driven experiences for clients such as Qantas, Westpac and St John Ambulance Victoria.

    Start Beyond leverages its experience to provide Strivr clients with immersive, experiential learning applications to improve training outcomes.

    Angus Stevens, co-founder and CEO of Start Beyond He pointed out that AR and VR training simulations are “much more effective than traditional learning.”

    “It’s no surprise that major domestic companies are now adopting this technology as their preferred training method,” he said.

    Stevens added:

    We are thrilled to partner with such a respected and prominent player in the global VR industry. With nearly one million VR and AR experiences combined, we are excited to work with Strivr to create impactful, immersive educational solutions that support and benefit Australian businesses in the future of workplace training. I am happy.

    By partnering with Strivr, Start Beyond will be able to reduce onboarding times for enterprise customers, speed up staff onboarding, reduce training costs, and ultimately optimize employee performance, Stevens said. said.

    Stevens further explained that the partnership builds on both companies’ experience in “breaking new ground in on-the-job training” for industry customers in Australia.

    Learn more about Strivr

    Strivr provides immersive training solutions to a wide range of US customers, including major US brands such as Bank of America, Verizon and retail giant Walmart.

    Strivr Founder and CEO Derek Belch said: Added:

    Our work with Start Beyond demonstrates the value of leading partnerships in delivering tangible impact and transformative technology through best-in-class solutions.

    Additionally, Belch explains how Strivr is helping enterprise customers “find ways to increase team engagement and improve performance while continuing to set the industry standard for large-scale enterprise VR deployments.” I also mentioned whether it is “promoted”.

    Berch added:

    In our partner program, we are excited to work with an ecosystem of like-minded partners like Start Beyond who share our passion to bring our vision to life with some of the world’s largest companies.

    Strivr and Fortune 1000 companies

    Strivr’s VR Training SDK is also a standard tool across Fortune 1000 companies as a service for developing training software that meets demand from a wide range of enterprise verticals.

    In an exclusive chat with XR Today, Aneesh Kulkarni, CTO, StrivrSo, I explained how companies building content ecosystems can accelerate the adoption of XR.

    Kulkarbi said:

    Think about the mobile industry and how it has evolved. For the increasing adoption of VR, MR, and XR technologies, we need an ecosystem of leaders who understand the space.Technology benefits [and boosts the] The importance of issues such as privacy and security.

    With its extensive product portfolio and customer list, Strivr is becoming a prominent VR training provider. Additionally, last year Strivr partnered with his XR Association to continue expanding the adoption of his enterprise-grade XR.


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