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    About APCAM:

    APCAM (Asia Pacific Arbitration and Mediation Center) is an international ADR center formed by 10 institutions from various countries in the Asia Pacific region. Provides a unified platform for resolving international business disputes through mediation and arbitration. APCAM provides single rules and a uniform fee structure across member states, streamlining the resolution process. The Center also maintains a common panel of accredited mediators and arbitrators to ensure consistent and reliable dispute resolution. Participating countries include India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Nepal, and South Korea.

    About the contest:

    The purpose of the competition is to promote the study of arbitration and its processes and to provide students with practical training in resolving international disputes in the Metaverse and related aspects.

    Because of the preference for resolving international disputes through arbitration, this method was chosen as a practical training tool for law students. The APCAM International Metaverse Arbitration Mock introduces participants to the practical application of arbitration theory, techniques, and skills needed by professionals. Additionally, it also provides an opportunity to learn how to work as a team and overcome potential challenges that may arise in a timely manner. This competition will help participants understand the cross-cultural barriers that can arise in arbitration. This competition aims to provide all participants around the world with an international platform to build and strengthen their global networks.

    Promoting innovation and education:

    The APCAM International Metaverse Arbitration Moot Court, scheduled for November 2023, will serve as a bridge between traditional legal principles and the dynamic world of the Metaverse.

    Unlock the Metaverse – Moot’s 2023 proposal is already available and features complex scenarios that delve into the details of arbitration within a virtual environment. Participants will address legal issues including digital property rights, virtual contracts, jurisdiction issues, and more. Registration is now open and is an opportunity for legal enthusiasts to test their analytical skills and demonstrate their understanding of the complexities of law in the Metaverse.

    Reasons to join

    1. Professional Growth: By tackling the challenges of Metaverse Arbitration, participants will develop skills and insights that are highly relevant in today’s digital age.
    2. Networking: Connect with colleagues, experts, and leaders in the arbitration and technology fields and make valuable connections that shape your legal endeavors.
    3. Innovative learning: This mock exercise provides an immersive experience that addresses new legal issues and promotes innovative thinking and problem solving.
    4. Internship Opportunities: Internship opportunities at APCAM member institutions for contest winners.
    5. Prizes: There are various prizes up to Rs. $100,000 will be awarded based on performance in the contest.

    How to register?


    • Winning Team: INR 1,00,000/- + Internships at APCAM member centers; + APCAM Arbitration Training Discount Coupon.
    • Runner-up Team: INR 50,000/- + Discount Voucher for APCAM Arbitration Training.
    • Best Arbitration Lawyer: INR 25,000/-
    • Best Memorandum Requester: INR 25,000/-
    • Highest Memorandum Respondent: INR 25,000/-

    Important dates:

    • Registration begins: August 10, 2023.
    • Proposal Announcement: August 21, 2023.
    • Last date to register for the contest: September 18, 2023.
    • Last date for electronic copy of invoice: September 16, 2023.
    • Last date for electronic copy of invoice: November 6, 2023.
    • Oral Round: November 24-26, 2023.


    Virtual on the PeaceGate online platform.

    As we embrace a digital future, the role of legal professionals in guiding technological evolution is more important than ever. The APCAM International Metaverse Arbitration Mock Trial 2023 is your opportunity to be at the forefront of this journey and unravel the legal complexities of the Metaverse. Join us this November and shape the future of law in the virtual realm.

    contact address:

    This contest is in partnership with LiveLaw.

    If you have any questions, please email


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