Apple is Building an App Store for AI Products

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    Apple is reportedly working on an AI App Store that will launch in June with a slew of AI products as the iPhone maker makes bold moves in the industry.

    This is expected to be one of the company's “surprises” in the AI ​​space with the iOS 18 update (including a revamped home screen) scheduled to be announced at June's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

    A “slightly unusual” idea

    While other tech giants are making bold moves and big AI announcements, Apple has been criticized for being slow-paced and somewhat relaxed in the AI ​​space. But experts argue that this has always been Apple's approach: observe the situation first and create surprises later.

    Now, the latest leak shows that the company may be building an AI App Store that will be announced in June.

    In an interview with CNBC, Ben Reitzes, head of technology research at Melius Research, claimed that Apple is in talks with other technology companies, including Google, regarding the App Store.

    He said the company is “in discussions with Google as one of the many models we have access to to leverage AI in this new kind of App Store.”

    according to techradarThe idea of ​​an App Store just for AI seems “a little weird.” They argue that Apple could simply add an AI segment to its existing App Store, which already hosts AI products such as OpenAI's ChatGPT.

    However, Reitzes continued, “In June, we should see them start laying the groundwork for this new App Store and see how it works with AI. How to buy AI apps through the App Store. I will explain.”

    Not much is known about the Apple AI App Store, but it's expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2024, also scheduled for June, and is “an obvious venue for big software,” according to Techradar. announcement. “

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    Extending AI to mobile phones

    AI enthusiasts can also look forward to the release of the iOS 18 update at WWDC 2024. Apple is working on updates and introducing changes to its features. Device home screen As part of the iOS 18 update.

    According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple expects iOS 18 to be the “biggest AI-centric update in history.” In addition to adding chatbot capabilities with Google's Gemini, we also expect to see AI-powered features rolled out across the operating system.

    The actual details of the update are still unknown, but one expected change is “the ability for iPhone users to freely arrange app icons on a grid.”

    These developments come as AI continues to gain traction, with technology companies adding AI capabilities to mobile phones this year to improve the user experience. Currently, Apple is trying to catch up with other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, which are introducing his AI-powered features into their operating systems.

    according to some reportApple is also enhancing Siri, along with AI-generated playlists for Apple Music, AI document generation in the iWork suite, and smarter suggestions in iMessage.

    Partnerships with other tech giants

    Meanwhile, Apple is reported to be partnering with Chinese search engine giant Baidu regarding AI technology for the next iPhone 16 in the Chinese market.

    In addition to iPhone16, South China Morning Post Additionally, Apple explains that it plans to incorporate Baidu's chatbot, Ernie Bot, into Mac OS and iOS 18 in China. This follows discussions with Chinese companies, including AI companies affiliated with Alibaba and Tsinghua University.

    The partnership with Baidu is reportedly due to compliance issues in the mainland market.However, Apple continues to Unique overseas AI model.


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