Apple just issued its first Rapid Security Response iOS update. Here’s how to install it

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    Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

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    Apple first used its Rapid Security Response feature on Monday by releasing security-enhancing updates for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

    Updates — iOS/iPadOS 16.4.1(a) and MacOS 13.3.1(a) — can be downloaded and installed via the standard update process on their respective devices.

    Rapid Security Responses is a new tool Apple developed and released with iOS 16 last year. Through small updates that Apple doesn’t need to release, and updates across iOS, iPadOS, or MacOS, the company can improve or fix security issues on its devices.

    In the update’s release notes, Apple including a link None of the notifications detailing the fact that updates are available are actually addressed.

    Due to the small size of the update, the update process takes just a few minutes. On iPhone 13 Pro, the update is 85.7 MB.

    How to install Rapid Security Response updates

    Once you know that a security update has been released, you can install it the same way you install traditional software updates.

    On your iPhone or iPad, setting after going to the app General > Software Update.

    On Mac, System setting app, click Universal on the left side of the window software update.

    From there, follow the prompts to download and install updates for your Apple device.

    As with any normal update, your phone, tablet or computer will restart and return to normal.


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