Apple May Only Build Half of its Mixed-Reality Headsets by 2024

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    An inside source at the Chinese manufacturer that assembles Apple’s VisionPro mixed reality spatial computing headset said it is preparing to produce 400,000 units by June 2024.

    Apple asked two parts makers to supply enough parts to build 130,000 to 150,000 units.

    Apple dissatisfied with Vision Pro’s OLED screen

    Neither forecast falls short of the one million units that Apple predicted would be ready by June next year.

    The bottleneck has to do with Apple’s challenge of creating two high-resolution screens designed for each eye. iPhone makers have so far said their defect rates are still too high.

    It uses South Korean vendors Samsung and LG, the latter of which manufactures organic light-emitting diode TV screens. Meanwhile, Samsung became Apple’s largest supplier of iPhone 14 screens last year.

    of screen is the most expensive part of the headset, overlaying Apple’s VisionOS user interface onto the user environment. His UI also allows the wearer to navigate with their eyes and voice, key features of spatial computing. The latter is an umbrella term covering human-machine interaction.

    During the product launch, Apple deliberately avoided mentioning VisionPro’s use in the metaverse. Still, advisers expect Apple’s wealthy U.S. customers to drive 20 million units over the next five years.

    Apple’s walled gardens could cut developer income

    However, Apple’s in-house VisionOS software may limit VisionPro’s potential as a platform-independent gateway to virtual worlds.

    App developers’ expectations to profit from users’ metaverse activity are likely to be constrained by Apple’s current app rules, which require a drastic reduction in in-app revenue. The company has caused a public backlash by stopping the purchase of NFTs that do not follow its policy.

    Key Predictions for the Metaverse in the Next 5 Years | Source: Statista

    Last week, Apple gave social media app Damus two weeks to remove the Bitcoin tip feature. The app vendor claimed to have fixed the functionality, but the app was reportedly removed from the app store after former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey accused him of it.

    Still, Apple’s ability to create user-friendly products may give it an edge over other companies focused on the underlying technology of the Metaverse.

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