Apple Stock (NASDAQ:AAPL): VR Headset Expectations May be Too Low

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    The previous Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Stock had so many interesting catalysts on the horizon. With an ongoing service push and a VR headset likely to be several quarters away, the company seems well positioned to effectively leverage innovation to weather the coming downturn.

    Definitely all the hype around metaverse It has declined significantly over the past year (it’s all about generating AI and Chat GPT Recently), the value of real estate in the Metaverse has taken a heavy toll on the jaw.

    I’m not impressed with the current state of the meta platform (NASDAQ: Meta) Metaverse, I think it’s too early to dismiss the possibility and rise of the Metaverse virtual reality and augmented reality As some kind of foam.

    As Apple gets closer to announcing its long-awaited headset, low expectations could set the stage for something really fun. So I remain bullish even as Apple’s stock continues to hit new highs.

    Meta’s Metaverse leaves VR’s future in question

    Meta is that “year of efficiency,“Its ambitious metaverse efforts will likely be on the backburner. Arguably, Meta has not been able to onboard users at the speed of other emerging technologies (such as ChatGPT). Last year, the former Oculus ‘s top boss, Palmer Luckey, has called Meta’s metaverse “bad.” Comments like this are discouraging, but they are not a sign that the metaverse is going nowhere.

    There are many reasons for the relatively slow start of the metaverse. High entry fees for premium headsets, a lack of “killer” apps, and an unimpressive look and feel may prevent Metaverse from having an iPhone or ChatGPT moment.

    It will be interesting to see if in the next few years, Apple’s commitment to the metaverse will bring the metaverse hype back to 2021 levels. For now, though, investors seem to be tempering their expectations, which is good in that Apple is putting the finishing touches on its next big thing.

    These days, the metaverse is easily dismissed as an early technology that may not “take off” at any time in the near future. It’s always hard to tell when an emerging technology like this will have its big moment.

    I think it’s the hardware that’s holding back true next-gen VR and AR experiences right now. As many VR users know, the VR experience can be tiring, especially on low-resolution panels, low frame rates, and cheap, low-end devices.

    Meta has a high-end Oculus Quest Pro headset fully loaded with the latest and greatest hardware for $1,499.99. Still, reviews have been mixed, with some feeling the device launched too early in the game.

    For Meta, entering the Metaverse race too early could pose a significant risk as Apple and other potential rivals seek to learn from Meta’s mistakes and triumphs. Admittedly, you won’t always be the first mover, at least in the early tech world.

    High-end headsets are becoming less bulky and more capable with each release, so it’s hard to imagine the metaverse slowly fading into the background any time soon. However, with reset expectations, the metaverse still seems (along with AI) to be one of the trends to watch as an investor.

    Apple’s expertise could help VR and AR make headlines again

    As Apple tries to make headlines in mixed reality with its headsets, it needs to find the right balance between cost and performance. Luckily, the company is adept at offering the right mix of options for his iPhone hardware. The “good, good, best” hardware hierarchy translates nicely into new hardware categories.

    Unlike most other companies, Apple’s bottom tier doesn’t compromise when it comes to hardware capabilities. It may lack cutting-edge features exclusive to the ‘Pro’ model, and lower-quality materials are used (let’s say aluminum over stainless steel). However, for the price, Apple still offers a great experience within your budget.

    Even low-tier devices should offer an amazing experience when it comes to mixed reality. Otherwise, some will dismiss VR and AR as “not ready yet.”

    If truly capable hardware for incredible virtual experiences hasn’t arrived yet, it’s probably very close. Apple’s silicon chips can deliver truly breakthrough performance without consuming power.

    Apple’s M-series chips rumored to be in upcoming headsets could help deliver the augmented or virtual experiences we dream of. However, there is one caveat. Such premium headsets cost a lot of money.

    According to a report from information, such a high-end headset can cost as much as $3,000. This is twice the price of him on Meta’s Quest Pro.

    Of course, it would be great if the average consumer could experience a truly immersive virtual experience at a lower price. However, in the early stages, it seems only those with big wallets will get a glimpse of the truly next-gen mixed reality.

    Is AAPL Stock a Buy, According to Analysts?

    Turning to Wall Street, AAPL stock is a strong buy. Out of 29 analyst ratings, there are 23 buy, 5 hold, and 1 sell recommendations.

    Apple’s average price target is $171.16, suggesting a 3.6% upside potential. Analyst price targets range from a low of $107.00 per share to a high of $205.00 per share.

    Apple Stock conclusion

    Eventually, quality headset hardware will become cheaper. As such, the floodgates will gradually open in the metaverse marketplace. Widespread adoption of the headset could take years, unlike his ChatGPT adoption, which soared to the moon in a flash. With Apple about to announce a headset, we expect adoption to accelerate.


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