Apple Vision Pro Headset Unveiled But No Mention of Metaverse

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    Apple announced an AR headset called Vision Pro at the WWDC conference on June 5th. The company did not mention the Metaverse at all, disappointing some cryptocurrency investors.

    At the WWDC conference on June 5th, Apple unveiled a much-rumored and highly anticipated AR headset called the Vision Pro. However, Apple didn’t even mention the term Metaverse, so speculation that it had something to do with the Metaverse came to nothing.

    The cryptocurrency community was expecting some sort of metaverse-related announcement, so it will be a bit of a disappointment. As such, many related tokens have seen price increases as well, especially his SAND, which has risen by more than 10%.

    However, like Apple, not all is lost. clearly Several initiatives to help developers build experiences. Apple seems reluctant to do so, so they can use these dev kits themselves to flesh out the Metaverse experience.

    Apple is focused on productivity and entertainment, as opposed to the fully immersive VR world some suggest it might be. Office and personal use cases accounted for the majority of cases uncovered. The headset itself costs a hefty $3,499.

    For more information on the metaverse and how it works, check out this guide.

    As expected, the cryptocurrency community reacted: humorous attitude. Most of the reaction was a meme that the Metaverse NFT project didn’t see the surge they had hoped for.previously provided by others baseless opinion About how the Metaverse will evolve with the release of WWDC.

    Metaverse token price. sauce: Coin Gecko

    Metaverse tokens such as The Sandbox (SAND), Decentraland (MANA), ApeCoin (APE), and Axie Infinity (AXS) are all largely unchanged. We may have to wait a little longer for the metaverse to become popular.

    What is Apple’s Vision Pro headset?

    Apple Vision Pro is a significant technical achievement when compared to its competitors. The device features his two separate chips based on Apple Silicon. An M2 chip drives the main computing power, but an additional R1 chip reduces input lag from 12 cameras, 5 sensors and 6 microphones. This is supposed to reduce the nausea associated with such headsets.

    The device also offers a significantly higher 4K display than the market on each lens piece. Some may be concerned that the battery pack life is his two hours, but given what a powerful device is, this seems like a necessary trade-off.

    A few days before the WWDC event, Meta announced a new VR headset, the Meta Quest 3. Apple’s new headsets will take on these competitors, but it will be interesting to see how the market shapes. Meta’s devices are much cheaper, but have yet to reach full critical mass.

    HoloLens has so far been mostly available only to industry or military personnel. And because it’s an expensive technology, it doesn’t seem to have generated as much buzz as other products, so it’s unclear if it will hit the commercial market. Microsoft appears to be focusing on AI instead.


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