Apple Vision Pro, there is the wow effect but something is still missing. Our test

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    Can virtual reality and augmented reality recover from Zuckerberg's disastrous Metaverse operation? The arrival of Apple's Vision Pro is just that, and Meta owners should buy a drink for the Cupertino company. Because it will give a strong boost to the entire industry. Regarding this product, Apple defines it as the future of spatial computing, but it is essentially his AR/VR viewer with enhanced technology and “luxury”. Retail price in the US starts at $3,499 + tax (if applicable), making it more than 7 times more expensive than competing products. There's a reason for that. This device is literally packed with technology wrapped in premium materials. This means it's metal-filled and comfortable to hold in your hand, but it's heavier than others and has to rest on your head, making it a little uncomfortable for long sessions. Participating in augmented reality is easy thanks to highly manageable guided instructions. At the end, you'll see the typical Apple app icon floating in the air in front of you.

    delayed wah effect

    I was hoping for a WOW effect here, but it didn't arrive. I've been using VR and AR viewers for a long time, and while the pass-through effect, or seeing the room from inside the Vision Pro, is better, it's not that different from the effect in the most popular AR/VR viewer, the Quest 3. there is no. “For the masses.'' Recent. The real wow effect comes from dinosaurs. Yes, because the user experience guru thought well of Apple to include an app among its “system” apps that lets you see dinosaurs up close. You can see the real difference here. The resolution of the screen (approximately 4000 x 4000 pixels per eye) is much higher than that of its competitors (the aforementioned Quest 3 reaches 2064 x 2208 per eye), which allows the dinosaur's skin to show not only amazing detail but also , as well as the rocks in the virtual environment that they move. Moreover, the combination of M1 and R1 processors allows you to manage everything very smoothly. Providing so much power requires a lot of energy, and in fact the Vision Pro has a foreign battery connected via a cable, which will soon be phased out in future versions. It is expected that. And this product is specifically designed for the future. Apple plans to sell a very small number of products in the coming months, and it's officially unclear when they'll arrive in Europe, but VR and AR are not dead even after the Metaverse disaster. Everyone was convinced. Vision Pro helped workers understand that images can be exceptional, and this has huge implications for fields where details matter, such as retail, fashion, collaborative prototyping, and hospitality. . This isn't so much a headset as it is a schoolhouse where those who haven't yet worked with AR/VR can truly understand its potential, and those building apps can prepare for tomorrow's platforms.


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