Apple’s iOS 17 to Warn Against Unsolicited Nude Photos

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    Apple has announced iOS 17, the latest update to its operating system with a unique feature that warns users if someone tries to send nudes unsolicited.

    The update also includes other features such as customizable notifications, a redesigned Control Center and Siri enhancements to make “iPhone more personal and intuitive.”

    “The new Sensitive Content Warning helps prevent adult users from viewing unwanted nude images and videos,” Apple said in a statement. blog post.

    Former tech giant announced A similar feature was introduced in April to warn children not to receive or attempt to send photos that may contain nudity.

    Additionally, the first trillion-dollar companies extended this feature to adult users.

    “All image and video processing for sensitive content warnings, as well as communications security, happens on-device, so Apple has no access to the content,” the blog post reads.

    Apple has announced iOS 17, its latest operating system, and Vision Pro, a new mixed reality headset.

    Apple continues its commitment to privacy and safety by extending its communication security features beyond messages, as highlighted in a blog post.

    This extension helps protect children when sharing content through AirDrop, contact posters, FaceTime messages, and when using the photo picker for content selection.

    Apple said it will “expand to cover video content as well as still images.”

    New: Journal and Standby

    The new iOS 17 also introduces two exciting new features: Journal and Standby. Journal allows users to look back through personalized journaling, powered by on-device machine learning.

    “iOS 17 makes the iPhone more personal and intuitive by taking a deep look at the features we all rely on every day,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering. Stated.

    It provides suggestions based on your recent activity, so it’s easy to start filling out your journal. Journal ensures privacy and encryption of your entries, providing a safe and personal experience.

    StandBy, on the other hand, provides a full-screen, at-a-glance information display when charging your iPhone on its side.

    “StandBy is perfect for your nightstand, kitchen counter or desk and can be customized to display a variety of beautiful clock styles, your favorite photos or widgets such as Smart Stacks that show the right widget at the right time.” , blog post.

    StandBy transforms the iPhone experience by easily integrating live activity, Siri, incoming calls and loud notifications, Apple says, making it even more convenient from a distance.

    In-message check-in functionality

    Apple also introduced a check-in safety feature.

    “Messages also introduces check-in, an important feature users use when they want to let family and friends know they’ve arrived safely at their destination,” Apple said.

    The company claims that once a user initiates check-in, their friends and family will be automatically notified as soon as the user arrives.

    “Useful information such as device location, battery level and cellular service status will be temporarily shared with selected contacts when you are not heading towards your destination,” the blog post said. I’m here.

    “Really cool AirDrop”

    One of the new features in iOS 17 is the new Airdrop feature.

    The latest AirDrop update includes new gestures that let you bring your phones together and share information.

    This gesture basically involves bumping phones and exchanging contact details.

    “We’ve also reimagined AirDrop with new ways to share. AutoCorrect is even better. And we’re introducing all-new experiences like Journal and StandBy. We can’t wait for you to try them out!” I can’t,” Federighi said.

    This feature is marketed as a time saver. It’s useful when you’re meeting new people, attending a business meeting, or wanting to quickly share direct contact information.

    “The proximity AirDrop explosion effect in iOS 17 is ridiculously cool.” I have written Twitter user.

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