Apple’s Vision Pro Sold 180,000 Units in Pre-orders

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    Apple's long-awaited Vision Pro headset sold out within hours of pre-orders starting, but mixed reality devices are still “very niche” and won't be very popular among users, TF analysts say. Ming-Chi Kuo said International Securities.

    Ming-Chi Kuo, who has written extensively about Vision Pro on Medium, estimates that Apple has sold 160,000 to 180,000 units of the headset since pre-orders began on January 17th. .

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    Demand for Vision Pro is stagnant

    Apple Vision Pro costs $3,499. This is expensive compared to other competing headsets that offer similar advanced virtual reality and augmented reality features, such as the $499 Meta Quest 3.

    Kuo believes pricing could be an issue for Apple. He said that while the device initially sold out after pre-orders began, order volumes remained the same two days later, and that “demand may taper off quickly after core fans and heavy users place orders.” He said it was suggested.

    “Our inability to maintain the steady increase in pre-order demand is a major concern and confirms our previous concerns about whether we will be able to maintain the intensity of demand,” Kuo said. I have written In medium.

    For Vision Pro's official launch scheduled for February 2nd, Apple has set low goals and only produced a small amount. 60,000~80,000 Therefore, there is a possibility that it will be sold out soon after its release.

    Kuo said Apple would need only a small portion (0.007%) of its “massive active user base” of 1.2 billion to actually purchase the headsets it pre-ordered to meet its launch goals. He explained. Because of this, Vision Pro “remains a very niche product,” he said.

    However, analysts predict that even if demand slows somewhat, “it shouldn't be difficult to achieve 500,000 Vision Pro shipments this year.”

    Apple's Vision Pro sold 180,000 units in pre-orders, but device still 'very niche'

    Apple is coming to the Metaverse

    Apple prefers to call its mixed reality headset a “spatial computer,” but it's more likely to be used as a gateway into the Metaverse, similar to Meta's Quest series of virtual reality headgear.

    Apple devices have created excitement in the market about what they can bring to the Metaverse. Susan Prescott, vice president of developer relations worldwide at Apple, previously Said:

    “We don't just want to have a bunch of apps available for Vision Pro. We want them to do great work.”

    While a recent CoinGecko study points to a decline in the value of metaverse properties, some observers believe Apple's entry into the space with a headset could spark new interest and help the market recover.

    The Vision Pro mixed reality headset will reportedly feature new technology that gives users “the illusion of controlling the user interface with their minds.”


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