Apple’s ‘Vision Pro’ to Get Debut Crypto-Focused Metaverse App by Victoria VR

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    Victoria VR, a developer that blends cryptocurrencies and virtual reality (VR), is preparing to launch the first Metaverse app from a blockchain-focused company on Apple's Vision Pro headset. . As the company announced in a recent statement, the Metaverse project promises hyper-realistic visuals and engaging gameplay, and is poised to complement the advanced features of Vision Pro devices.

    The app, scheduled to be released in the second quarter of this year, aims to create a complex digital realm that showcases the capabilities of Apple's Vision Pro headset while highlighting the potential of Web3 technology, according to the announcement. That's what it means.

    Apple's long-awaited debut into the VR realm with a futuristic headset hitting stores on February 2nd marks its first foray into the virtual reality realm. Despite waning interest in the Metaverse concept, the move reflects previous efforts by major tech companies, with the Vision Pro a competitor to Meta (formerly Facebook)'s established “Meta Quest” headset. It has established itself as a different company.

    Victoria VR's Metaverse leverages the Ethereum blockchain's ERC-20 standard and runs on native VR tokens designed to reward active users and stakeholders. The majority of revenue from the sale of in-game assets will be distributed to stakeholders and active participants in the Metaverse ecosystem.

    According to data from CoinMarketCap, the VR token experienced a remarkable rally of nearly 60% in the past 24 hours, with a market capitalization of $103 million. A whitepaper available on the project's website outlines the aim to democratize access to Victoria VR and allow citizens to earn VR tokens simply by participating in the virtual world. It emphasizes a “pay-to-speed” model rather than a “pay-to-speed” model. A win-win approach.

    As specified in the project's whitepaper, these ERC20 tokens will serve as the primary source of revenue during the initial stages of the project.


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