Artificial Intelligence, Science, Technology And The Future At The Opening Of The UCN Academic Year

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    Guido Girardi Rabin, vice president of the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation and founder of the Future Conference, performed at Central House.

    The challenges, opportunities and threats of new scientific and technological advances in areas such as artificial intelligence to humanity were addressed at the Northern Catholic University (UCN) 2023 Opening Conference held at the Central House in Antofagasta. rice field.

    Guido Girardi Lavin, vice-president of the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation, founder of the Congress of the Future and former MP, presented the document, an in-depth analysis on topics of deep political, economic and social significance going forward. reflected in the presentation. Non-stop at breakneck speed.

    In his presentation, the former senator emphasized that the world is undergoing evolutionary change due to the disruption of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

    He said that as humanity, we will witness profound and profound changes. He also pointed out that the times are killing deep thinking. “We live in a world where thinking can easily change.”

    He was optimistic about the contribution of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, especially in areas such as medicine and security. He pointed out the risks associated with a society that makes us “self-stimulating” and “addictive mechanisms.”

    His analysis also addressed the importance of the domination of cyberspace by major powers (China and the United States) and the growing influence of social networks, artificial intelligence and the metaverse.

    Likewise, in his speech, he noted the many opportunities a new era will open up for Chile and the Antofagasta region, especially regarding our country’s role in issues such as climate change, sustainable mining, green hydrogen, solar energy, lithium and copper. I mentioned , and where this region could play a decisive geopolitical role in the future.

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    At the opening ceremony of the school year at Central House, UCN President Dr. Rodrigo Alda Barras shared some thoughts and ideas on topics that inspire scaffolding for thinking about the future of society and the university.

    Officials noted that while progress is relevant in all areas, it also comes with certain threats to society and identity. This, he said, implies a kind of intolerable uncertainty that risks becoming a mere bystander to these changes.

    He said this knowledge advance will bring opportunities for sustainable development for our country in the field of astronomy, especially in the transformation of the production and energy matrix. It is the same.

    “The new human race emerging from the hands of science has challenges that we must be very cognizant of,” he stresses, citing the chaos of artificial intelligence that has seen ChatGPT and the Metaverse, and a variety of sensory Reality (visual, tactile, taste), it is an example of a new reality that opens up opportunities but shows us an uncertain future.

    “Other equally disruptive developments will continue to emerge, and those that do not adapt to change will face problems. This will become even more important for higher education institutions,” he concluded.


    The official opening ceremony of the school year was previously considered the culmination of the joint work of Pastor Javier Osa SJ, Gilberto Garay and Francisco Alvarez. “God invites us to build and share community in simple conversations with students, officials, and scholars. Garay was inviting the community to meet God with others.

    “We need to know how to welcome each other as a community, share our joys and sorrows, and never forget it. The start of a new school year is about rebuilding our communities again. But by sharing the Eucharist, which is the celebration of faith, we need to share it every day at work as well, he added.


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