Attending 2023 Augmented World Expo, MyLand.Earth Introducing its World’s First 3D Earth Metaverse on Web3 Blockchain

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    MyLand Metaverse™ at is a Web 3 platform and a 1:1 digital twin of planet Earth with NFT proof of ownership.

    MyLand Earth Metaverse launched the first-to-market 3D Earth Metaverse on the Web3 blockchain, allowing individual users and companies to set up their Metaverse presence. A VR/AR/XR compatible version will be released in the future.

    The MyLand.Earth platform library’s 3D templates allow online users and businesses to effectively set up their metaverse presence with the option to match the physical earth’s location on a 3D world map.

    The MyLand.Earth team will join developers and executives from around the world in a three-day XR/AR/VR development event at Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Silicon Valley.

    SANTA CLARA, CA, USA, June 3, 2023 /EIN — MyLand Earth Metaverse, the first 3D Earth metaverse Web3 blockchainis joining developers and executives at Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Silicon Valley for a 3-day XR/AR/VR development event.

    “More than 5,000 companies have attended AWE to connect, learn and grow their businesses in the XR ecosystem. Join our executives in advancing AR and VR technology,” said Kevin McInerney, MyLand.Earth Metaverse Project Lead. He added, “Here at the expo, we are exploring exciting topics such as AI technology, haptics, and 5G. It’s our next natural platform development milestone, and we look forward to growing with the XR community and contributing to human connection and progress through the AR/VR technology space.”

    The MyLand.Earth platform will be a hub of business, entertainment and cultural activities that attracts today’s large number of gaming generation online users, Gen Z and Millennial online gamers, traders, NFT, Metaverse and cryptocurrency users. MyLand.Earth Metaverse will also launch Metaverse games with gaming partners to reach more online users and drive online traffic for its members’ 3D business presence. Adventure, sports and multiple game genres will be developed, as well as treasure hunts and Metaverse casino games.

    The launch of the Myland.Earth MMVR token is a unique opportunity for NFT and Metaverse investors to participate in a pre-IEO token offer (initial exchange offer) beginning June 28, 2023, the anniversary of the launch of the Myland.Earth Metaverse platform. provide opportunities. MyLand.Earth’s metaverse land title allows land NFT investors at all levels to participate in the fast-growing global metaverse market.

    The MyLand.Earth whitepaper and the tokennomics document of the IEO token offer, posted on social media platforms, will allocate a strong capital injection to the launch of the global marketing campaign and efficiently achieve future roadmap deliverables. We are dedicated to ensuring the proper growth of our engineering and professional teams. . Therefore, the project team can accelerate the roadmap deliverables rather than waiting until 2025 as originally planned.
    For more information on the public token offer and MyLand Project NFT pricing, tokennomics details, please see below. For the project roadmap and white papers. You can also reach out to the MyLand.Earth project team through the following social media platforms.

    Tick ​​tock:

    Kevin McInerney
    MyLand Metaverse LLC
    +1 408–212–7780

    Kevin McInerney
    MyLand Metaverse LLC
    +1 408-212-7780
    email here
    Visit us on social media:
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    MyLand.Earth Metaverse Real Estate Showroom 3D Template for Real Estate Brokers, Agents and Top Realtors


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