Australia now has a Metaverse Advisory Council

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    Angus Stevens

    The Australian Metaverse Advisory Committee (AMAC) is launched.

    AMAC is a collective voice dedicated to growing Australia’s Metaverse industry.

    The definition of a metaverse is: “A network of immersive experiences that blend digital and physical reality, enabled by technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and AI.This represents the next generation of the internet, and will be used to connect, entertain, and connect people socially, economically, and economically. Collaborative, creative activity.”

    Angus Stevens, CEO and co-founder of VR and AR studio Start Beyond and chairman of AMAC, said AMAC’s founding members recognized the urgent need for an independent advisory group to represent and champion Australia’s interests. He said that

    “Each of AMAC’s founding members brings a unique and rich understanding of the metaverse,” he said.

    “Bringing the group together to bring such a wealth of knowledge to the Australian industry is incredibly exciting and invaluable to both the domestic and international markets.”

    “We believe it is critical that industry leaders provide independent advice to the broader community, especially as Australia’s Metaverse industry continues to mature, expand and innovate. ”

    AMAC’s founding members are Angus Stevens, AMAC Chairman and Start Beyond CEO. Darshini Ayton, Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the Health and Social Care Unit, Monash University. Daniel Cariola, his ANZ XR lead in Accenture’s Metaverse Business Group. Trent Cruz de Castella, PHORIA Co-Founder and CEO. Simone Clow, Zebrar CEO and Co-Founder. Ben Ferns, Founder of Oliver Weidlich is Contxtual’s founder and director of design and innovation. Patricia Haueiss, Metaverse, Web3, and AI Consultant. Michaela Jade: Darug-speaking Sydney Kabrogar woman and founder and CEO of InDigital.

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