Author Opens Up About Creating a Literary Metaverse

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    In this interview, the author of A Court of Thorns and Roses talks about developing his vast literary metaverse, his latest novel Crescent City, and future projects.

    Exciting news awaits fans of romantic author Sarah J. Mass of BookTok's #1 book, A Court of Thorns and Roses.

    Her latest book, House of Flame and Shadow, the third in the Crescent City series, has just been released, but she is already working on several other projects.

    What do they consist of? When will they arrive? During the sit-ins interview Along with Jenna Bush Hager, she revealed the details.

    “ACOTAR” is an upcoming book by Sarah J. Maas

    When Bloomsbury Publishers announced House of Fire and Shadow in 2023, Maas signed a contract to publish four new books in addition to the three previously booked. .

    Mars revealed that during his discussions with Jenna, he was developing ideas for his next four books. They are positioned in what she calls the “taxi position.”

    She said that House of Fire and Shadow would be followed by a book set in the same world as A Court of Thorns.

    Mars told Jenna she was “very, very excited.” My understanding of what's going on in this piece is much greater. And I have a concept for the next book in that series and a broad, vague idea.

    Additionally, Sarah said she usually enjoys the emotional journey with her characters and the technical aspects of writing.

    “ACOTAR” stands for “Court of Thorns and Roses,” and there are currently five volumes in this series.

    • “A Court of Roses and Thorns” (2015)
    • “A Court of Fog and Fury” (2016)
    • “Wings and the Court of Ruin” (2017)
    • “A Court of Frost and Starlight” (2018)
    • “Silver Flame Court” (2021)

    Mars declined to reveal the title or publication date of his next novel, ACOTAR. However, she recently released 'House of Fire and Shadow', so readers will have to wait a year or two.

    Prior to House of Fire and Shadow, Mars published The Court of Silver Flames in 2021 and The House of Sky and Breath, the second book in Crescent City, in 2022. .

    What plans does Sarah J. Maas have after the “ACOTAR” book?

    So we know that Mars' “taxi line” will soon include a new “ACOTAR” book. As for subsequent games, Mars said he intended to do so.

    I'm excited about the books I plan to write after this next “ACOTAR” book. We won't reveal which universe it's in.

    Sarah said she wouldn't say anything. Writing this book is going to be incredibly emotional for me, both because of the environment I'm going to create and the characters that will be introduced.

    It is not yet known to the public what the next “ACOTAR” book will be about, but readers can guess. Meanwhile, the latest novel, A Court of Silver Flames, explores the relationship between Feyre's sister Nesta and Rhysand's companion Cassian. Her previous four books chronicled the exploits of the heroine, Feyre Archeron, and her love story with Rhysand.


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