Automating cyber security in the cloud

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    Jab Sibanyoni, Head of Solution Architecture for Sub-Saharan Africa, Amazon Web Services, said:

    Many organizations face the challenge of maintaining and managing the security of their on-premises infrastructure.

    These are the words of Jab Sibanyoni, Head of Solution Architecture for Sub-Saharan Africa at Amazon Web Services (AWS), speaking at the ITWeb Security Summit 2023 this week.

    In a presentation titled “How to Increase Security in the Cloud,” Sibanyoni said that in an on-premises environment, it can be difficult for organizations to know what resources and data exist and where they are moving at any given time. said. who is using or accessing it;

    “For example, getting an accurate real-time inventory of assets in an on-premises environment requires complex tools,” he said. “Most organizations do not have the level of visibility they want in their on-premises environment. It becomes difficult.”

    The low degree of automation is also a problem in terms of maintaining the on-premises infrastructure, he said.

    “Another typical challenge is trying to eliminate the manual processes employed to remediate problems. Copying and pasting information from one tool to another or patching manually Consider applying: Issues such as interoperability between third-party and homegrown tools have made it difficult to automate key security tasks.”

    He noted that manual processes tend to be inconsistent in execution and have long wait times to address all systems, which in most cases disrupts the customer experience.

    “In other words, the goal of automation is to programmatically handle tasks that IT staff would do manually. In the cloud, this is much easier.”

    Without visibility, it’s difficult for organizations to adequately protect their infrastructure.

    Jab Sibanyoni, AWS

    He explained that the combination of limited visibility into their environment and low degree of automation undermines the organization’s ability to act quickly and effectively protect its on-premises infrastructure.

    Sibanyoni said organizations have traditionally been forced into a dichotomy between acting quickly and staying safe. D.Information security is often forced to slow down to “human speed” because security processes are overly manual.

    “Today, it is possible to automate many of the basic security tasks such as patching and use the right tools to give us the visibility we need to accurately identify and monitor our critical assets and data. can.

    “Using the cloud makes all of this easier, so you can stay agile while maintaining security, and in many cases improving security. Highly integrated logging and monitoring, and core security By providing integrated tools that automate functions, organizations can use platforms like AWS to innovate quickly and maintain their security posture.”


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