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    avatar life today launched a Wild Poker game based on Texas Hold’em Poker.

    But it’s more skill-based, said Avatar Life CEO Sushant Chandrasekhar.

    There is also a starting jackpot of 1 million AV dollars, which is the local currency of the grid. This equates to approximately US$4,000.

    “The launch event will be a three-day festival with freeplay poker and contests, other skill game contests and a special disco,” Chandrasekhar told Hypergrid Business.

    The event kicks off on July 21st at 10am PT in the AvatarLife Games region of the grid.

    Currently the grid does not support hypergrid, Click here for the registration page.

    Launched four years ago, the grid also offers other types of gambling such as slot machines.

    Follow the grid for details. Facebook again Instagramor check its contents YouTube channel.

    Check out the AvatarLife preview video below.

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