AYA and Blockpass Collaborate to Ensure Compliance and Security in a Green Tech Future

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    block pass is a regulated fundraising platform based in the United Arab Emirates. blockchain and sustainability. Interested in promoting innovative solutions that promote a greener future, AYA is developing projects that combine the borderless transparency of blockchain to advance the goals of sustainability and achieving the SDGs. We teach and develop.

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    With this partnership, Blockpass will strengthen AYA's compliance procedures, including onboarding customer risk assessments and risk classification, customized forms based on customer and regulatory requirements, and regular rigorous testing to protect users' transactions. Provides a complete wallet compliance check and assessment of the risks associated with your wallet to ensure there are no fraudulent and suspicious transactions. This includes Blockpass's full range of products, including KYC, KYB, and AML solutions, a new advanced KYC bot, continuous monitoring, and Blockpass' non-hosted wallet KYC.

    Known as “Web3's OG Identity Verifier,” Blockpass is a pioneer in reusable identity and encryption-native KYC/AML solutions. Our turnkey suite of compliance tools is designed to reduce onboarding costs, automate remediation, prove humanity, and protect against bad actors, fraud, bots, and AI. Businesses can quickly set up their service, test it for free, and start verifying users. With nearly 1 million verified identity profiles, Blockpass facilitates instant onboarding, and to date, more than 1,000 businesses have taken advantage of this opportunity to benefit from a Blockpass-compliant network.

    AYA is the first fully regulated climate finance platform in the Middle East and North Africa region and will be regulated by the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) in Dubai in 2023. AYA is built on blockchain technology and focuses on helping climate technology projects raise funding from the investor community. Carbon and nature-based credits as assets. AYA leverages the team's experience gained building and operating Enjinstarter, a broad-based crowdfunding platform focused on games, entertainment, and the metaverse, to help pioneers create lasting sustainability for future generations. We curate a nurturing ecosystem of mentorship, funding, and collaboration that leaves a lasting legacy.

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    “Through our strategic partnership with Blockpass, AYA reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the industry's highest standards of AML and KYC practices. It highlights our dedication to laying the foundations for a more responsible and sustainable future in the asset space.” Wase AhmedManaging Director Aya.

    “We are excited to work with a company that is focused on the future of both blockchain technology and the planet,” said Blockpass CEO. Adam Vaziri. “We have worked with Enjinstarter before and are honored to have been chosen again to work with such a visionary team on such an important project.”

    By working together, Blockpass and AYA will ensure blockchain technology and the world's sustainable future are protected from identity fraud and money laundering. Blockpass helps AYA grow and thrive by incubating relevant projects and innovating responsibly, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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