Bakugan and Unicorn Academy expand metaverse presence

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    In collaboration with Gamefam, Spin Master brings new exclusive Bakugan games and Unicorn Academy integration to Roblox.

    Spin Master, in partnership with Gamefam, announced the latest addition to its expanding portfolio of toy and entertainment properties and experiences in the Metaverse.

    spin master and game fam plans to introduce a dedicated Bakugan game, Bakugan Brawl Simulator, on Roblox in Q4 2023. The popular series promises an immersive world where fans can engage with their favorite Bakugan characters, embark on epic quests, and engage in intense combat.

    Centering around the Bakugan play pattern of collecting, fighting, and transforming, players evolve wild Bakugan and brawl with non-player characters (NPCs). They unlock Bakugan in four different forms from across the Bakugan universe and allow him to explore five different worlds at launch.

    Bakugan Brawl Simulator’s launch follows a successful August release of the first two episodes of all-new, enhanced animation for Bakugan in Gamefam’s popular game All-Star Tower Defense, four weeks before its Netflix premiere. This follows the completion of the .

    In a unique blend of entertainment and gaming, the premiere of Spin Master Entertainment’s Unicorn Academy, a Netflix original animated series, will be held at Twilight Daycare, Gamefam’s hit Roblox game. Players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Unicorn She Academy, following Sophia on her journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary, while discovering her destiny as a Unicorn She Rider.

    Entering the Metaverse for the first time, Unicorn Academy activations will be promoted across Gamefam’s portfolio of popular Roblox games, including Build to Survive Simulator, Easy Obby, Gym Tycoon, Hospital Life, Little World, Starving Artists, and Tower of Misery will be done.

    twilight daycare has become one of the largest social role-playing games on Roblox, with over 1.8 billion lifetime visitors.Unicorn Academy Takeover began on September 8th, and the film’s premiere aired for the first time on Friday, September 22nd.

    To date, this partnership has seen impressive results across games and activations, particularly around Monster Jam and Bakugan. Cumulatively, these games have amassed 1.4 billion brand engagements and 232 million play sessions worldwide, a testament to their resonance and appeal within the Roblox community.

    “We are working with Gamefam to deliver a unique immersive experience that leverages the fan base of our great entertainment franchises and innovative toy brands,” said Jeremy Tucker, global chief marketing officer at Spin Master. said. “Our latest integration to the Roblox platform offers compelling play opportunities in the Metaverse, allowing you to meet existing fans and new ones within the beloved platform you interact with every day.”

    “The Metaverse is disrupting the traditional boundaries of play,” added Ricardo Briceno, Chief Business Officer at Gamefam. “Together with Spin Master, we harnessed the power of his Roblox to bring joy to children around the world and begin a paradigm shift that will redefine entertainment for generations to come.”

    Players can join Roblox for free across most platforms and devices, including console, PC, mobile, and tablet.


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