Bard AI May Soon Get an Image Generator Added to It

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    Google is reportedly ready to add an AI image generator to its chatbot Bard in an update that is expected to improve the user experience as well as improve the chatbot. .

    The development was revealed by a tipster on the X Platform (formerly Twitter), who revealed that the chatbot will be getting an update on January 18th. According to the post, images in Bard are created using Imagen, Google's text-to-image tool.

    Bard's Image

    Users on the X platform. Identified as: Dylan Roussel Details of the latest Bard update have been leaked from a “set of unpublished patch notes”.

    “Here's what happens next with Bard tomorrow. Bard's image generation uses Imagen, Google's text-to-image 'proliferation technology,'” Dylan Roussel wrote on X on Wednesday. Ta.

    prompt by pita pixel When we asked Bard about the latest updates, the chatbot responded: “Google is indeed adding an AI image generator to Bard, which is exciting news for everyone who enjoys using this powerful language model.”

    “It’s safe to say that AI image generation will be introduced to Bard sooner rather than later. It adds a whole new dimension to Bard’s functionality, allowing users to not only generate text but also generate text based on prompts and descriptions. It allows you to create unique and creative images,” Bard added.

    what to expect

    The chatbot indicated that its release date was still unknown, but continued to provide features that users expected, such as generating images from text descriptions.

    “You can now describe the image you want in your own words, and Bard uses its understanding of language and image generation to create a corresponding image,” Bard writes.

    Regarding styles, the chatbot added that image generators are expected to offer a variety of styles and techniques for users to choose from when creating images. So users can create “everything from photorealistic images to abstract paintings.”

    The chatbot went on to explain how users can leverage the power of Bard's text generation and AI image generators, collaborating to create “more complex and creative output.”

    According to PetaPixel, Google has been “reticent about its own AI image generator, even though it is already in its second model. limited availability To the general public. ”

    So adding Imagen to Bard is a big step for Google in making AI image generators available to more people, according to PetaPixel.

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    mixed reaction

    In response to Dylan Roussel's post, users expressed mixed feelings about the possibility of Bard including an image generator.

    Others expressed disappointment that it took Google this long to update the chatbot this way.

    “Some crazy bard couldn't do this… Maybe the AI ​​wallpapers will get an upgrade as well. Assuming this image generator is actually any good,” one person wrote. alex maris.

    Some people are frustrated that the update wasn't made by January 19th and explain that they can't access the tools on Bard.

    “Where is this update that wasn't released yesterday and hasn't been released yet?” Raul Kong 898Others simply commented, “Well, that didn't happen.”

    Other users expressed frustration at not being able to access most updates because they are not in the United States.

    “As usual, it's only for the US, right?? I'm from Switzerland, but Switzerland is not a member of the EU. We're not in the EU! But Bird is completely useless here.” another user.


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