Battle Royale Game Fortnite Onboards Toy Maker LEGO on Platform

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    Users of the metaverse game Fortnite are literally provided with building blocks. In an official announcement, Fortnite welcomed toy manufacturer Lego to its ecosystem. Gaming publication Eurogamer wrote, “Lego Fortnite feels like his Minecraft for the Metaverse era.” This isn't a mistake, considering the gameplay resonates with sandbox games.

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    LEGO Fortnite can be played on all platforms compatible with battle royale games, including PC, PlayStation, and Android. In addition, cloud gaming is also supported, which users can access from any device that supports an internet connection.

    The introduction says: “You have fallen into a new world…in LEGO form? The nature around you looks familiar, but beneath its surface it is made of LEGO bricks. Collect LEGO resources and create your own Build your own buildings and create a village where you and your friends can have fun. Lego life requires courage – face enemies and the elements on your building quest. Food and swords will come in handy!”

    Fortnite was released by Epic Games in 2017. Since then, this game has become one of the most popular titles in the gaming industry. In 2018, he earned $2.4 billion, according to analytics firm SuperData Research. That same year, his streaming event, which featured celebrities like Drake, Kim He Dot Com, and Travis Scott playing games, broke viewership records.

    Additionally, the game also served as a digital stadium for concerts. Singer Travis Scott received over 45 million views in 2020. More concerts by celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Marshmello attracted 27 million and 12.7 million views, respectively. A similar event in his Roblox game, another Metaverse, has resulted in the same for many acclaimed artists.

    The Denmark-based company is one of the world's largest toy manufacturers, alongside organizations such as Bandai Namco and Hasbro. It generated $7.5 billion in revenue last year. According to data, 90% of US-based consumers are aware of his LEGO.

    Additionally, the brand's parent organization, the Lego Group, has built several amusement parks around the world under the collective name Legoland. In one of its articles, the New York Times news agency wrote, “Lego helps unleash creativity in children of all ages.” Even adults report reduced anxiety and stress while playing block building games.

    Currently, virtual worlds like Roblox and Fortnite dominate the metaverse field. This data also shows that he only has 400 million users in the metaverse. However, the combined monthly active user base for both games is over 400 million. The data on the former is incomplete, so the crowd in the Metaverse is definitely larger than it appears.

    Advances in technology such as photorealism, virtual reality, and in-game physics are making the Metaverse more immersive. However, there remains a need for better infrastructure to bring more people into the digital world.


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