BAYC Owner Yuga Hosts Second Otherside Metaverse Experience

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    Last weekend, Yuga Labs, owner of the popular NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, hosted a “second trip” to its Otherside metaverse with thousands of users joining.

    The maiden trip to the Metaverse on the other side took place last July, when Yuga Labs sold over $1 billion in NFTs to a Digital Land prospector known in its ecosystem as Voyager. So there was quite a bit of hype ahead of this second voyage of his.

    according to other side, about 7,200 users participated in the second trip, and many more watched the official live stream. This compares to First Trip’s 4,500, which had improvements in 3D visuals and audio thanks to his Improbable software partner.

    Take a Walk on the Otherside

    The second trip was an opportunity for Voyagers holding NFTs for supported projects to explore opposite realms, complete challenges, and receive airdropped prizes. After joining via a web link, participants were split into his four groups, led by influencers Jimmy Wong, Champ Medici, Brycent and Rowberry.

    After congregating in the game’s lobby Infinity Space, the day-trippers were forced to collect golden blobs of giant toads to score points for their team. The voyagers were then teleported to another mystical realm and given a tour by BAYC mascots Curtis and Blue.

    We’ve been hearing your feedback about this experience.

    VentureBeat writer Dean Takahashi, who participated in Second Trip, said, Observed It was “like a virtual concert, a shared experience where you can marvel at how many people were there.”

    He added: It was an accessible game that anyone could contribute to, and it was kind of like a Subway Surfers experience in an open world…but it was such an amazing technical achievement that it finally came to fruition when the Metaverse came to fruition. It represents an experience that can be appreciated. here. “

    Ross Macdonald is CEO of web3 marketing company Focus Web3. Said It was “a level up from our first trip,” praising the “Mac mini M1’s smooth operation” and “special features.” [sic] audio. “

    Brent Bushnell, co-founder of LA-based experiential entertainment company Two Bit Circus, was equally impressed. say it “Otherside could combine the organic landscapes of Burning Man, the multiplayer collaboration of Warcraft, the exploratory richness of Breathe of the Wild, and the cross-platform competition of Fortnite.”

    However, not all reactions were positive. 1 user commented“Frankly, I expected better things for the second trip. I think you expected more… a lot more.”

    Showing the potential of the metaverse

    One person who seemed happy with Second Trip was Improbable CEO Herman Narula. said He believes Second Trip to be “the biggest ccu (concurrent user) event in one place with real people in any game to date.”

    A virtual world developed as a massively multiplayer online game linked to the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem, other side Big wins are on the horizon for Miami-based Yuga Labs, which raised $450 million last March.

    One of the investors was the doomed exchange platform FTX. This then went up in smoke after evidence of a dodgy deal came to light. Meanwhile, BAYC co-founder Garga feel safe Community that Yuga Labs has no funding for FTX.

    Whatever you think of Second Trip, it definitely shows the potential of attracting a large number of users to the virtual space at the same time. Of course, given the aforementioned pay raises, backers want more than a showcase, as they want a return on their investment.

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