Beyond ChatGPT: 14 Mind-blowing AI Tools Everyone Should Be Trying Out Now

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    The emergence of this new breed of “generative” AI tools has made it clear in the last few months that it’s no longer just the realm of academic research and Silicon Valley tech giants.

    And AI is more than just the latest “viral sensation,” it is a technology that any business or individual can leverage to revolutionize the way they work and the way they do everyday activities.

    So what tools should everyone have on hand to understand exactly how AI works today? Pick a few of the most important and how you can start using them today. I am emphasizing what I can do.

    First, what exactly is AI?

    If, like many of you, you’re just starting to get your eye on AI after encountering one of the latest viral applications, it’s likely that AI and what we’ve traditionally called “artificial intelligence” are all the same. You may wonder about the relationship between

    Most people will encounter the term for the first time in science fiction. For over 100 years, stories about intelligent robots have been entertained there.

    In fact, when we use the term AI today, we usually refer to a technique known as “machine learning.” Instead of simulating every aspect of natural intelligence like the robots in the movies, this simply refers to software algorithms that can be learned. In other words, as you are exposed to more data, your ability to perform one specific task increases.

    Machine learning has enabled many innovative tools that have changed our lives, such as searching for information online with Google, shopping with Amazon, watching movies with Netflix, and hailing a ride with Uber. I support you. Today, the latest class of AI applications offers the opportunity to use AI for almost any conceivable task. So let’s take a look at some of them.

    What are the “killer apps” that everyone should know about?

    Chat GPT

    Let’s start with a quick recap of the viral sensation that is ChatGPT. This is OpenAI’s conversational interface for his GPT-3 large language model, which was recently released as a free research preview. It outputs any form of text, including prose, poetry, and computer code, in response to text prompts such as questions and instructions.

    Doll E2

    Another OpenAI project, along with ChatGPT, is responsible for kickstarting the current wave of consumer interest in generative AI. It takes text prompts and transforms them into computer graphics (images, photographs, drawings, paintings, etc.).

    stable diffusion 2

    This is another text-to-image generative AI application. Unlike Dall-E 2, its source code and details of the training data and weights used in its algorithm are publicly available, and the application can be downloaded and installed on your computer. Your own cloud portal, just like for OpenAI’s projects.

    Lumen 5

    An AI-powered video creation tool that makes it easy for anyone to create educational, marketing, or business video content using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

    sound low

    Automatic Music Generator – Create royalty-free AI music by simply determining the genre of music you want to make, the instruments you want to use, the mood you want to create and the length of the track. Then sit back and let the AI ​​create your own tracks.


    A tool that makes it easy to brand your business by using AI to create a unique and distinctive logo that conveys your company’s style and message. With this tool, you can easily create customized marketing materials without any design skills.


    An audio recording and editing platform with integrated AI tools to create clear, ultra-smooth recordings that sound like they’ve been edited by a professional, for tasks like cleaning up messy sounds and creating transcripts to automate

    1st generation

    A cloud-based text-to-video platform that uses text prompts to apply the desired edits and effects, create animations from storyboard mockups, and create new videos from uploaded videos. This tool was also developed by the creators of Stable Diffusion.

    laral eye

    This tool uses a neural network system called Phoenix to automate audio source separation. This includes extracting elements from audio or video content such as vocals, music, and even certain instrumental tracks such as drum beats and basslines.

    deep nostalgia

    Do you have historic family photos of distant relatives or ancestors that you would like to see in motion? With this innovative tool, you can animate faces on family photos to make them look like they were recorded in an old video. You can see them smile, blink, laugh, and so on.


    It’s a text-to-speech engine that makes it easy to create natural-sounding synthetic voice recordings in 15 languages ​​with over 100 voices and dialects to choose from. This output can be easily incorporated into automated marketing and video content to automate the narration and narration creation process.

    legal robot

    This tool is designed to automatically translate complex and confusing “legal jargon” into simple language anyone can understand. It is useful for both laymen who want to make sure they understand legal documents and legal professionals who want to ensure contracts and documents are written in a language everyone can understand.

    cleanup pictures

    This AI tool allows you to retouch images by removing unwanted objects, imperfections, and even people, using a process called “inpainting” to create the perfect image.

    fire Fly

    The tool plugs into popular video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, and Webex to automate the process of taking notes and creating transcripts. It also analyzes conversations to provide insight into the dynamics and decisions taking place in conversations.


    Another conference call application, this application uses algorithms to filter out background noise, echo, and other distractions in real-time, ensuring you always respond in a clear and professional manner.


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