Beyond The Metaverse: Neoki’s ” Ethnic Group” And Preparations For $ Listing

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    neokiaio Decentralized Matrix is ​​shaping the future of digital art and ownership with innovative approaches and capabilities. Beyond the NFT marketplace, design for rewards, and the ability to build your own poems, Neoki is exploring new frontiers with the introduction of “digital ethnic groups.”

    Own your identity:

    We take a step towards inclusivity by allowing users to own neocars within their digital ethnic groups. These AI-powered avatars are more than just pixels on your screen. They are an extension of your online identity. Customize your Neoker's appearance, personality, and even cultural background to foster a deeper connection to the digital world. Imagine owning a neocar steeped in Mayan mythology, exploring hidden temples, and sharing ancient rituals with fellow neocars of the same lineage.

    This unique concept introduces a surreal, first-of-her-kind, Gia-like AI avatar representing the 651st “ethnicity” within Neoki DeMa. These AI beings aim to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion in the virtual world, reflecting the richness of the real world.

    Beyond aesthetics:

    Digital ethnic groups are more than just costumes. Each ethnic group has its own unique history, customs, and even language. Users can delve into cultural stories, participate in traditional ceremonies, and learn about the rich heritage of our digital society. This immersive experience fosters understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives, creating a truly global metaverse where no single culture dominates.

    Notes from the team

    We believe that the Metaverse should reflect the human tapestry, not a digital monoculture.” said Hamid Azaraq, Founder and CEO of Neoki. “Digital ethnic groups are about celebrating difference, and AI avatars like Zia become ambassadors for a more inclusive and vibrant virtual society,” he further added.

    This emphasis on diversity extends beyond aesthetics. Neoki plans to create different digital tribes, each with their own cultural norms, traditions, and stories. Users can also own a piece of this virtual world by acquiring her AI-powered avatar “Neocar” within a digital ethnic group, providing a deeper level of immersion and connection.

    Future listing schedule

    The platform is gearing up for a major listing on two major crypto exchanges, MEXC and BitMart. This expansion will further expand access to his NKO token, the lifeblood of the Neoki ecosystem, facilitating rewards, purchases, and community governance. Listing on MEXC and BitMart is an important step in their mission to empower creators and build a true decentralized art revolution

    Neoki's focus on digital ethnic groups and its upcoming exchange listing marks a key moment in its evolution. This platform does more than just build virtual worlds. It's about fostering a diverse and inclusive community where creativity thrives and the lines between reality and digitality blur.


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