Biden Administration Demands China’s ByteDance Sell TikTok to Avoid Ban

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    According to The Wall Street Journal, the US government has demanded that ByteDance, the Chinese owner of TikTok, sell its stake in the widely popular video-sharing app.

    The US cites “national security” as the reason for the ban. The government has long expressed concern about the social media site, saying it could be used by China as an espionage tool to influence political outcomes in the United States. I’ve been

    Former U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to file the exact same lawsuit in 2020, but the High Court ruled that presidential decree under. Now, President Biden says the Democrats have his ByteDance and Quartz report.

    TikTok undermines security concerns

    It was the Commission on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) that demanded that the founders and owners of ByteDance sell their 20% stake in TikTok. WSJMore.

    While the stakes in those who helped found the company in Beijing in 2012, such as Zhang Yiming and ByteDance CEO Liang Rubo, appear to be in the minority, their shareholdings have an “oversized” share in voting rights. reported to be

    Global investors own 60% of ByteDance shares, with the remaining 20% ​​owned by employees.and statement TikTok spokesperson Brooke Oberwetter explained that banning the video-sharing app on national security grounds would be a farce.

    “If the purpose is to protect national security, the sale will not solve the problem. The change in ownership will not impose new restrictions on data flow or access,” she said. rice field.

    “The best way to address national security concerns is to protect U.S. user data and systems transparently on a U.S. basis.”

    A March 16th report Sources suggested that the Chinese government would not sit back and accept the threat from the United States. The Chinese government said it “opposes any attempt by the Biden administration to coerce Chinese TikTok shareholders to sell their stakes.”

    ban apps everywhere

    The United States is an important market for ByteDance, with over 100 million people using TikTok in the country. That’s also why the company has done everything in its power to stay open in the US, even as the working environment appears to be getting tougher.

    TikTok promised spend $1.5 billion According to industry media, a program to protect U.S. user data and content from Chinese government access and influence. The plan is to lock down US operations and store all data in the US at Oracle, a US technology company in the country. Oracle has access to “Algorithm Codes and Flag Issues for Government Inspectors” on TikTok.

    However, as MetaNews previously reported, the issue is highly politicized. TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew is expected to testify on security issues before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on March 23, but local lawmakers have already tightened their grip on foreign tech companies. increase.

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    Earlier this month, the Biden administration approved A new bill by about a dozen senators has been proposed that would give the Commerce Secretary powers to restrict tech companies based in six countries: Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and China. The United States considers all these countries “enemies.”

    Biden isn’t the only one to question TikTok. The app has also faced scrutiny in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the European Union. Also, more than 30 of her states in the US have banned TikTok from being downloaded to state devices.

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